Comments - Honda Animates New Civic Si

Published: Dec 16, 2012
Description: We all know by now that the redesigned 2012 Honda Civic was a huge disappointment. Although the high-performance Si coupe and sedan have received better reviews, most agree that the entire lineup was ...
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Anthony Perugini Apr 09, 2013
Lol. "High performance"
Puneet Dass Mar 20, 2013
Should've made 220hp minimum
Joshua Gholston Dec 18, 2012
201 Hp out of a K24? Really? The 99 H22 Honda Prelude put out similar numbers & that was over a 10yrs ago. Come on Honda your losing your edge to Hyundai lol Funny how the tables have turned on the "H" Badges
Dale Schroeder Dec 17, 2012
In something small and light, 201 horsepower would be sporty. In this heavy grandma shuttle it's just barely enough power to get out of its own way.
Jimmy Case Dec 17, 2012
Like Peter Griffin says, "Who the hell cares!"
Description: To drum up excitement for its new sport model, Honda has released this animated video showing the new 2013 Si coupe and sedan racing in a comic book-like black & white world with "Mad Max&quo...
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Anthony Perugini Apr 09, 2013
That my friends, is a performance car
Anthony Perugini Apr 09, 2013
Overall balance of he car? I'll take my rx8. 250 to the rear wheels through a light ass rotary. With a weight distribution of 50/50 and a 6 sp. perfection.
Gene Matthew Geralde Mar 01, 2013
Performance cars aren't based on how much Hp it's the overall balance of the car. I'm not saying this Si is a performance car, I'm just saying don't be so quick to dismiss it as such.
Danny Rodriiguez Dec 17, 2012
To satisfy their needs.
Danny Rodriiguez Dec 17, 2012
@Jimmy im 15 to be exact, and 201HP is nonsense for me. As an Honda fanboy I'm very disapointed with Honda, thinking that just a mere horsepower is just good, we are living in a society were the cars need to be powerful and with luxurious interiors
Jimmy Case Dec 17, 2012
@Justin don't tell the 16 year olds that shhh
Justin Routh Dec 16, 2012
201hp is a performance car? Phahahaha good one Honda, good one
Tanton Stoneman Dec 16, 2012
I actually like the Si sedan better now...
Aj White Dec 16, 2012
I c civics r still driving under big trucks.
Byakka Hirakawa Dec 16, 2012
Clearly, when monster trucks run outta gas they blow up Everybody knos that, lol
Matt Piccolo Dec 16, 2012
This isn't new. They did the same thing with the 2012 on their web sight. They have little videos like this (not all are animated) for their cars
Jon Ashley Dec 16, 2012
I'd take an si any day.
Ted Cyrek Feb 15, 2013
Don't understand everyone's dislike for the 2012 civic si. It looks a lot better than most of the small sporty sedan's out there in its price range. I thought it was a big improvement than the older civic models, the power curve on the 2012 si was a lot more usable and practical than older models. I tried them out.
Shannon Sims Dec 17, 2012
Justin Routh Dec 16, 2012
I can just see it in five years... I'll be able to hear its fart can from a mile away 😂
Eric Anthony Dec 16, 2012
Agree, last gen. was better.
Byakka Hirakawa Dec 16, 2012
Love the front Hate the back
Michael Curbow Dec 26, 2012
Honda lost its touch after 2000. They need to go back to the drawing board and revamp the entire civic platform.