Geek Squad Beetle by West Coast Customs

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Best Buy's technicians get a stylish new ride, courtesy of West Coast Customs.
If you've got a tech problem, you can call up Best Buy and book an appointment with the Geek Squad, who will send over a "technician" (that's a nerd with a job) in a VW Beetle to fix whatever you can't figure out yourself. This, however, is no ordinary Geek Squad bug. The Geek Squad commissioned West Coast Customs to build this unique squad-car. But instead of the last-gen New Beetle that serves most of its technicians, WCC went with the more aggressive newer Beetle for this one-off.
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Setting it apart from showroom stock, West Coast Customs took a 2.5-liter model and decked it out in a similar livery to the Squad's usual fleet, but with tone-on-tone graffiti graphics for more street cred. It's also got bigger wheels and an interior decked out with cross-stitched seats, logo headrests and a big subwoofer to blast some Rush on the way to the next call. The vehicle will be featured on Velocity's "Inside West Coast Customs" next month, after which it will be displayed at Geek Squad's headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky.

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