Comments - Bigfoot Electrifies the Monster Truck

Published: Dec 16, 2012
Description: Go to a monster truck rally and you can expect to hear rip-roarin' V8 engines burbling their throaty exhausts. But if the Fiat Panda monster truck didn't turn that notion on its head enough ...
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Description: If anything, the 1,375 lbs worth of battery packs help in that regard, and the four-wheel steering helps it get around tight spaces. It's all capped by a Ford Super Duty-style body shell, but of ...
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Carlisle Watts Jan 15, 2013
It has no power
Kieran Mistry Dec 18, 2012
Electric Monster truck......... Biggest oxy moron
David Parenti Dec 17, 2012
Harrison, those are Taurus's not Hyundai's.
Richard Nichols Dec 17, 2012
Now there's a good game. How many ways to destroy old shitters?
Harrison Trapnell Dec 16, 2012
Crushing old worthless Hyundai's? Well fuck you too!
Richard Nichols Dec 16, 2012
@ arron, I still have my rc cars! For a great gag, they should have a big Aerial on top and a bloke stood in the corner with a transmitter at monster jam! Would be v funny.
Roman Podrezov Dec 16, 2012
It kind of looks cool, like an oversized toy, but kind of boring to watch. Can you imagine a Monster Jam with these bee-sounding things? I thought that people go to see these things for their ability to LOUDLY distrust the surroundings while puffing tons of exhaust smoke into the atmosphere ;)
Preston Ming Dec 16, 2012
needs more than 350 hp IMO..but that's one thing I miss about living in St. Louis, going to the World Headquarters!
Aaron Crisp Dec 16, 2012
I laughed so hard when I realized it sounds exactly like my electric RC cars I had when I was a kid. I think I even had a Grave Digger monster truck haha
Shane Carroll Dec 16, 2012
Doesn't compare to open headers
Jommel Marcella Dec 16, 2012
It sounds amazing.