Comments - Shelby GT500 Gets Lambo Doors

Published: Dec 15, 2012
Description: $59,995. That is what it'll cost you to own this particular 2012 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 coupe. As you can clearly see, this is no ordinary GT500, fitted as it is with exotic supercar-style doo...
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Cory Poteet Dec 16, 2012
Carroll is up there somewhere shaking his head at this.... And Ferrucio and Enzo are laughing their asses off. How do you say "nice doors" in Italian?
Lando Peraza Dec 15, 2012
Are they actual doors from an Aventador? No right? Then why call them Lambo doors? Who writes these articles?
António Villas-Boas Dec 15, 2012
@Dale You are 100% right!!!
David Parenti Dec 15, 2012
Just makes it gaudy.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
Not a fan, I've seen stangs with these door kits, the door pockets become useless (anything falls out) and it looks goofy. Brawny muscle car with verticals doors? Not really a good combo
Donte Perino Dec 15, 2012
Scissor doors are another name.
Patrick Schalk Dec 15, 2012
Dale Schroeder Dec 15, 2012
Swing-up doors, subwoofer, radar detector... did we go backwards to 2003? Does it have flashing underglow neons and LED washer fluid nozzles too? Maybe a drift charm?
Adam Thomson Jan 27, 2013
Nope this dont work on the Mustang
Taylor Little Dec 19, 2012
Nope, needs suicide doors. [Doors that open from front to back, instead of back to front.] If I had the money.
Edgar Jauregui Dec 16, 2012
It's not bad I think people really overreacted. I wouldn't mind them but they look good stock too
Cody Gillard Dec 16, 2012
No what happened to the muscle car being simple and unique why why would you do this
Yosef Sahli Dec 16, 2012
I don't find it so bad!! It is pretty nice
Cory Allen Dec 16, 2012
No no no no no no
Tom Wilson Dec 16, 2012
Send it to the junk yard destroyed a beautiful car
Greg Kenerly Dec 15, 2012
Lambo played out even Lambos don't have them anymore.
Justin Routh Dec 15, 2012
You guys are taking this all WAY too literally. Obviously theyre not off a lambo but theyre lambo style in the way they open. Get your panties out of a bunch and quit stressing the little stuff
António Villas-Boas Dec 15, 2012
These are not Lambo doors, Lambo doors only go on a Lamborghini! (For those who don't know, a Lamborghini is a great car with special scissor doors but that isn't just as good a car as a Ferrari...).
Lane Heinz Dec 15, 2012
Idk whats so bad. Better than normal gt500...
David Parenti Dec 15, 2012
Brandon, you are fighting a useless battle. People will forever call them Lambo doors. Let it go.
David Parenti Dec 15, 2012
Unless you wanted to pay extra, because the company would have to purchase rights to the name. So they are sold as "scissor door kits".
David Parenti Dec 15, 2012
If you buy a Lamborghini they are called lambo doors. If you put them on your car, the correct aftermarket term for the door kits are "scissor doors". The name lambo is trademarked/copyrighted. The aftermarket kits can't be marketed as "lambo".
Aaron Crisp Dec 15, 2012
Proof money doesn't buy taste.
Jommel Marcella Dec 15, 2012
They just made it worse.
Justin Routh Dec 15, 2012
Today isnt a good day for the GT500 or Vette on carbuzz haha
Justin Routh Dec 15, 2012
Wow this is bad
Shane Carroll Dec 15, 2012
A turd by any other name still smells as nasty
Ryan Sansossio Dec 15, 2012
SCISSOR doors.
Adrian Esai Bustamante Dec 15, 2012
Ew No Wai
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
No, you won't fly, stop flailing your arms damnit
Tyler Tarbox Dec 15, 2012
Yeah Brandon shut up
Jason J Roberts Dec 15, 2012
I would prefer it without doors then with lambo doors.
Chris Penza Dec 15, 2012
Those tiny stripes look terrible
David Munasinghe Dec 15, 2012
What an retard.
Patrick Schalk Dec 15, 2012
My condolences to the hardcore Mustang fans. Today is a sad day.
William Downs Dec 15, 2012
Hey dumbass Brandon guess what scissor doors are also know as... Lambo doors dip shit, learn something before insulting people because u lack the knowledge to know there the same
Shane Carroll Dec 15, 2012
If they didn't come factory, it don't need em. End of story
darrellbell24 Dec 15, 2012
only lambos need lambo. doors...hence the name
Ron Scanlon Dec 15, 2012
Horrible looking!!!
Tyler Tarbox Dec 15, 2012
You'd think someone rich enough to buy this would have enough sense not to do something stupid to it like this but I guess not
Tim Preisinger Dec 15, 2012
Doesn't fit at all
John Diller Dec 15, 2012
Doesn't fit the car.
Tin Nguyen Dec 15, 2012
Only lambo should have them. Even Ferrari shouldn't have lambo doors.
John M Weishahn Dec 15, 2012
Are we still trying to impress Civic jockeys down at the Dairy Queen?
Brandon Gregory Bolden Dec 15, 2012
Owen Tiernan Dec 15, 2012
@Jens Totally agree... They don't suite Japanese imports either!
Jens-Kristian Gram Larsen Dec 15, 2012
In my opinion these doors don't fit this car. Only exotic cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari should have these doors. Theyre not for muscle cars which this is.
Lou Guerrero Dec 15, 2012
All V12s have them.
Quinn Conner Dec 15, 2012
Lambo doors... So played out even lamborghinis don't have them
Description: It has a total of only 4,672 miles on the odometer and as you can see from the photos (courtesy of dnmotorcarsinc), it looks to be in near-perfect condition. Whether you think it improves the Mustang&...
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Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
Haha, I love when that happens, it's always good for a laugh when the google searches show 2013's with prices at dealerships
David Parenti Dec 15, 2012
@alex yeah I know lol. I work with a guy who argued with me that you can NOT buy a 2013 car in 2012.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
True but with the earl release of the 2013's late summer, the 2012's are more like 2011's. It's be nice if models were actually released with the proper model year designation because most cars are really miss represented. This one has 550hp
David Parenti Dec 15, 2012
@jimmy, what? This is new, a 2012.
David Parenti Dec 15, 2012
KBB doesn't take into account aftermarket add on's. and a dealer will not really pay you any more than your cars worth from KBB because of aftermarket parts. If you think a car will be worth more because of minor mods. Bend over.
Jimmy Case Dec 15, 2012
@Alex especially with the new GT500's out. Big depreciation hit.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
A used car being sold $5k above retail because of a $600 door actuator kit, a sub, maybe a deck and a catback? What the hell is wrong with these guys. Good luck, you'll get $47xxx in cash from some dude or chick in january
Brennon Aucoin Dec 19, 2012
Mine doesn't do that??
Cory Allen Dec 16, 2012
No no no no no no
Nathan Geiter Dec 15, 2012
Gosh I love those wheels!
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
It's a $600 kit, I'd love to put an IRS in one of these but the kits are $9k, couple it with an sla front for $5k and you would have an exotic fighter with accessory mods like brakes/tires/weight reduction. These doors actuator kits fail so hard
Seth McCormick Dec 15, 2012
Logan LeMonnier Dec 15, 2012
That looks really awkward like it shouldn't have them. Which it shouldn't
Jordan Nutt Dec 15, 2012
The only cool lambo doors are on Lambo's. Not Mustangs. I would have spent my money on something else like a IRS.
Jordan Neal Dec 15, 2012
So nice. This should be standard
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
It tried hard and long but it finally realized its a car, not a plane
Jacob Viiper McCord Dec 15, 2012
lolol it gave up.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
Hey it's not trying to fly anymore, nice
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
On the 12 ya, for 13 they fattened them out again.
Ryan Sansossio Dec 15, 2012
Anyone else think shelby makes the stripes too skinny?
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
That door gap is obviously from the installation of the door actuator crap kit. They are $600 and do not work well to say the least.
Taylor Garry Dec 15, 2012
Wow that gap is really bad
Derrick McCarthy Dec 15, 2012
Holy door gap batman!
Gonzalo Coto Dec 15, 2012
Now imagine the lambo door kit on a 2013 Shelby GT500
Patrick Schalk Dec 15, 2012
I don't know but now that you mention it, I think it looks pretty cool
Jon Ashley Dec 15, 2012
why the hell did they paint the inside of the headlamps red?
Kai Andrew Carlson Dec 15, 2012
Now don't open the doors...perfect.(for a mustang)
Shannon Sims Dec 15, 2012
Aaa there's a gap where the door/fender is. No thanks ill pass on this as great fitment!!
Oren Blumenstein Dec 15, 2012
that's much better
Lou Guerrero Dec 15, 2012
Looks good with the doors shut.
Jacob Mullner Dec 15, 2012
The fit/finish looks top notch!....
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
Factory that gap is ver marginal, whoever installed the actuators isn't very meticulous at all
Derrick McCarthy Dec 15, 2012
Agreed, looks like someone was bad at pshop and tried to fix it.
Patrick Schalk Dec 15, 2012
It really does. It's extremely noticeable in this pic too.
Aaron Sparks Dec 15, 2012
The door gap on this side is terrible. And the white stripe only makes it even more noticeable.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
Needs 4" tips, those 3" tips are tiny. My mechanics 2011 5.0 has a 3" with 4" tips tucked in and they look perfect. The older stangs don't flow near as well with anything over 3.5" but the number cutouts and design were much smaller back then
Roggina Froggina Dec 15, 2012
Once you see the man sausage on it you can't help but notice it every time. Hahaha
David Gomez Dec 15, 2012
No plastic cover here.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
nals but once built correctly run well, vq's need block mods-main's crack, k, b, and d series mills need extensive mods but can make great peak power built, Sti/Evo mills break often at 600whp, Anyone know another 1kwhp capable stock engine family?
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
it didn't blow up for a few thousand miles. For comparison, stock valve train/internals jz Toyota mills experience head issues around 800whp, and much sooner, hundreds of miles. Rb's need $tens of thousands to make 700whp, ls mills need new inter
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
very capable and tunable cam timing/head flow allow the modular line of svt v8's to really shine. Even the smaller 4.6L sc'd 03 cobra mills have made 1166whp with bone stock internals and simple gasket/studs but stock valve train. Not long, but
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
100% stock internals, and valve-train, these 5.4 modulars have handled upwards of 1000hp for a few thousand miles. Just head studs and gaskets. No rb, b, k, vq, jz, b rotoray, ls, lt, or other car engines can claim that. A tough block plus
William Downs Dec 15, 2012
I agree there are plenty of legendary or even sucessful engine lines, I'm sure they could and shod make a series about them... that and how about some articles about the technology that made great cars... well great.. something different then articles about the same 10 cars
John M Weishahn Dec 15, 2012
CarBuzz should post more stories about engines and performance than wheels and trick doors.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
After, I can appreciate retro but the materials and gaps aren't as good as the c63, better than the gen 5 camaro IMO but its not like muscle cars are really about super spiffy awesome interiors anyways
Trey Villarreal Dec 15, 2012
Before or after looking past the semi-retro intention?
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
It's not bad by any means, but competitors have better interiors, especially the c63
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
I wanna like this but it's just not up to date, 2015 will fix all of that though, so excited.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
Ya I only get complaints about my 03's interior from girls that aren't into cars, the next time I scoop them I pull up in the gs or the fx and they quiet right up. Some girls are too materialistic. Most aren't buy some take the cake.
William Downs Dec 15, 2012
Yea my friends got a sweet stang, the interior is horrible but when the motor is screaming the interior is the last thing u notice.. as long as the interior layout is nice I don't give a crap what materials there made out of.. not gonna affect the performance if they use plastic vs soft touch fancy materials
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
William, it's more so import and euro guys thy knock gm interiors, not American guys. Most mustang guys are like Chevy guys, they are driving the car, not looking at surfaces. My 03's interior is rubbish but its quick so no shits are given.
Chris Friend Dec 15, 2012
Wow what a horrible place to put the infotainment screen.
William Downs Dec 15, 2012
Its personal preference... cause it based on looks and there subjective, so fords aren't any better.. there still crap and plastic just like gm.. but I also find the new ford interior extremely bland, like the current gm interior about 100x more
A.J. Brady Dec 15, 2012
GMs interiors get bashed because they are worst then Fords. Fords are not great, just better then GMs. Fords intors. are about 18 to 30 months ahead of GMs. But its still like finishing 1st & 2nd in a Special Olympics race. No records are set by them
William Downs Dec 15, 2012
I'm not saying it looks bad, but I find it funny that a lot of mustang fans bash gm interiors when there interior is the exact same thing... personally I don't car if its plastic, I'm driving not fondling my interior, I don't care what its made out of as long as the design looks nice... in was just pointing out that ford fans need to stop bashing gm interiors cause fords is the exact same thing
Oren Blumenstein Dec 15, 2012
i'm a huge mustang fan but when it comes to this dash i'm out looks too plain and flat
Owen Tiernan Dec 15, 2012
It's not too bad. It's not one of the greatest interiors by any means but it's not bad. Quite a step up from the mustangs before it.
William Downs Dec 15, 2012
I'm 6'2 and have no problem getting in and out a a camaro, maybe your doing it wrong ;)
Zack Hartman Dec 15, 2012
At least when I get in I don't hit my head like the camaro interior
Jacob Mullner Dec 15, 2012
It really is pretty bland. I'm not bashing the use of plastic because I get the cost savings, but come on this is just dull
William Downs Dec 15, 2012
In don't see how mustang fans talk crap about gm interiors... this isn't any better looking then anything gm is using... and that center stack, looks like it was a last minute thought... looks super cheap
Alex Arvanitis Dec 16, 2012
The2013 gt500 obliterated m3's and c63's. M cars are well balanced and amazing but the gt500 with track packs is much more capable. I know you mentioned seats, but they are such different cars that its easy to see BMW=comfort/quick gt500=fast
Alex Arvanitis Dec 16, 2012
Very true, but they also are much much much much slower. A $30k gt with the brembo package was .09 seconds off a $70,000 m3 csl around streets of willow in motortrends comparison test, the vids on YouTube. This gt500 was 1.5 seconds faster than gt
Stas Allen Dec 16, 2012
M3 or just 3 Series in general have MUCH MUCH MUCH better rear seats.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
Not bad for a rear seat