Comments - GT500 Drags C63 AMG on the Strip

Published: Dec 15, 2012
Description: The flagship Mustang is a brute of a car with 662 horsepower and 631 pound-feet of torque. It's also unbelievably fast that loves nothing more than stretching its legs in a straight line. So when...
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Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
Nice jb, I like her. It's a big world with lots of opinions so no shits given.
JB Kolod Dec 15, 2012
I hate jessi lang
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
I'm pretty sure Jesse Lang and the edmunds crew partners up with motortrend to do motortrends car of the year events but I could be wrong, she's in the videos on both edmunds and motortrend though so I'm guessing very valid joint venture
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
Edmonds inside line is pretty credible and par for the league, at least they are on the thousands of other automotive tests and comparison's they do.
Walker Carroll Dec 15, 2012
@Alex. But keep in mind, that's also MotorTrend that your quoting. Not exactly creditable
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
Yup, if they tested the $62,000 version with the track and performance packs, it would be faster around most circuits than the c63. In motortrends best drivers car competition, the gt500 did great against the c63 coupe there as well. C63 sounds sick
Thibault Leroy Dec 15, 2012
In France itll cost you about 100k$
Description: That's because for the same money you get a C63 AMG around 200 hp worse off than the 200-mph American muscle car. The 1km drag race does seem like a non-event given the awesome power of the Shelb...
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Alex Arvanitis Dec 16, 2012
Rj you complain too much
RJ Roberts Dec 16, 2012
Alex you talk to much
Yosef Sahli Dec 16, 2012
200hp difference... But i will still take the c63 any day. American and german cars are two different vehicles
Jacob Burges Dec 15, 2012
The narrator is so boring.
Alex Smith Dec 15, 2012
These are two very different cars for two VERY different buyers.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
+7mph faster even with a clueless driver launching and shifting the cobra crappy is a huge win. If I piloted the cobra, used launch control, and powershifted, I could probably pick up 5-7mph on the big end. This driver did lousy. +12-14mph is 200hp
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
But slower in everyway and more expensive. The badge is nicer aa is the interior though so you've got a point about brand image and interior but for performance and bang for the buck, the Shelby back hands the c63
Mike Antill Dec 15, 2012
Racing 2 cars with a 200 hp difference certainly doesn't make the C63 a pretender... I'd take the C63 over the Mustang every time, it's a better all around vehicle.
Angelo Baclay Dec 15, 2012
Racist video
Jesse Andersen Dec 15, 2012
Fuck England. You're movie is probably full or ugly bitches and slack jaw ass teeth.
Stephen Tyler Learn Dec 15, 2012
@jb he mentioned nikola tesla who was a major mind behind ac power
Jacob Viiper McCord Dec 15, 2012
wtf? video not available in the US? -__-
JB Kolod Dec 15, 2012
@matthew moeller If you are talking about a/c current specifically Thomas Edison was vehemently against it because his company only used DC. Westinghouse (American) invented the modern use of A/C current even with Edison working against him.
Ryan Patrick Clauson Dec 15, 2012
I'd chose mustang just because how much cheaper but better performing it is
Zeke Alanis Dec 15, 2012
Saw the race on YouTube and the GT500 won by a landslide 😅
Austin Bride Dec 15, 2012
Matthew it's not them that blocked it its google because if copyright I don't know why they word it like that.
Justin Routh Dec 15, 2012
Yeah its a uk show they didnt even use launch control on the gt500 and it still blew the merc away. Asses
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
In succinct transitional turns, the gt500 may not have an IRS but its sra is very good and the car remains very stable, especially because of the 3.27 rear. The zl1 and c63 are actually tail happier because of shorter gearing. Watch motortrend comp
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
I love how the trash the mustang and say it won't handle a corner. If wager 8/10 drivers/racers/enthusiasts in the world would not have the talent to maximize the gt500's limits. 1g and 101ft 60-0? Ya that just won't do I guess, zl1 is 1g and 103
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
7mph is a huge difference considering the launched the Shelby like crap. 4.1 0-60? Every test I've seen shows 3.4-3.8 seconds. Yes I know it's a runway but every test with the merc has shown 3.7-4.1 seconds and they ran well in the merc.
Roman Podrezov Dec 15, 2012
No matter how sophisticated Mercedes is, the roughness of the Shelby puts a smile on my face every single time I drive it. Before I got it, I was looking at a few Mercedes cars and now am REALLY glad I made the right decision by buying this wild, unsophisticated, crazy car. Can't drive it in the snow, but oh well, global warming is making winters shorter ;)
Adam Sampson Dec 15, 2012
Either that or i'd put my money on a 5.0 S/C falcon with the 6 speed Tremec, the true blue Aussie coming out in me there haha.
Adam Sampson Dec 15, 2012
Tbh the C63 is no pretender. Though I appreciate the Shelby's supercharged horsepower, it is somewhat of a blunt instrument. The Shelby is a monster. But the C63 has a sophistication and IRS architecture to back it up.
Zaire Wilkins Dec 15, 2012
im suprise ford has a muscle car that can reach 200hp so i wonder how the 6th gear is in that car
Jack Connor Dec 15, 2012
Just look up gt500 vs. c63 AMG on YouTube and it'll come up
Jack Connor Dec 15, 2012
Here it is...
Dylan Bruder Dec 15, 2012
Closer than I thought
David Justice Dec 15, 2012
C63 a pretender? Biased much? Car people appreciate the C63. Look how well it did on MT best handling competition.
Ethan Amo Dec 15, 2012
Well the manual Shelby has still beaten the stupid automatics...although I still love the mercedes
Corey Spruiel Dec 15, 2012
Go you you tube, if its not working. I saw it last week on there first!
Tin Nguyen Dec 15, 2012
David Harris Dec 15, 2012
Not made for US WTF
Kameron Riddle Dec 15, 2012
I got the same MSG.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
Looks good
Troy Kessler Dec 15, 2012
And for once the euro plate on front doesn't look like ass actually blends into the stripes lol
Tyler Tarbox Dec 15, 2012
SVT is the best. Built some awesome cars over the years
Tin Nguyen Dec 15, 2012
I wonder if svt would build a one off auto with paddle shifters.
Ghaith AL-sharari Dec 15, 2012
Still a Beast no matter what people say
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Dec 16, 2012
Really crappy pick. Theses cars are so awesome to look at in reality
Matt Piccolo Dec 16, 2012
Jacob Burges Dec 16, 2012
It's American.
Jacob Burford Dec 15, 2012
Love AMG Mercs for there madness, and this fits the bill! I really hope the new e63 doesn't go AWD!
David Guerrero Dec 15, 2012
@tyler, I agree. The E class is so much better IMO
Serge Pankratov Dec 15, 2012
@tyler-i agree. Something about the C class doesnt stick with me either.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
Picture is poorly taken, the car is well appointed though
Liam Day Dec 15, 2012
That's not a good picture
Alex Arvanitis Dec 15, 2012
Looks good
Tyler Tarbox Dec 15, 2012
Love AMG but I don't like the looks of the C class at all