Comments - This is Not Your Father's Altima

Published: Dec 14, 2012
Description: Your average Nissan Altima packs a four-cylinder engine. Some have V6s, but this one... this has a V8. That's because it's a V8 Supercar, as in the Australian touring car championship. The n...
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Zaire Wilkins Dec 14, 2012
thank you @ david
David Parenti Dec 14, 2012
Lol the name of the series is V8 super car. Not V8 super car and some V6 powered Altimas.
Douglas Bailey Dec 14, 2012
No, a V8 race doesn't have V6s in it.
Byakka Hirakawa Dec 14, 2012
Couldnt just use the 3.8 gtr v6
Description: Nissan may not compete in F1, NASCAR or the WRC, but it powers more Le Mans prototypes than any other, the GT-R competes in a variety of sportscar racing series, and the DeltaWing has been making ever...
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Blake Latson Dec 15, 2012
Bet it's not FWD. Therefore, it's not an Altima. It's something all together much better.
Dylan Bruder Dec 14, 2012
These are so much better stock cars then the supposed "stock" cars NASCAR uses now
David Hicks Dec 14, 2012
Straya c***.
William Downs Dec 14, 2012
Cannot wait to see these racing against the holden and ford
Danny Rodriiguez Dec 14, 2012
A street version of that Altima would come in handy. Well in my opinion.
Zaire Wilkins Dec 14, 2012
i like the altima in here its different
Jake Judges Dec 14, 2012
Love v8 racing but I just don't think the Nissan looks the part of a v8 racer IMO
Lou Guerrero Dec 14, 2012
V8 supercars is awesome racing. So much action. Aussies do it right.
William Downs Dec 14, 2012
@Zaire.. not everyone on this app has to have the same opinion as u
Bala Uncc Dec 14, 2012
Looks nice
Zaire Wilkins Dec 14, 2012
@josh check your eyes
Josh Banning Dec 14, 2012
It looks too plain and boring compared to Holden IMO
Bren Bracken Dec 14, 2012
Helps to get you right on the apex of corners I'm pretty sure
Frederick Perez Dec 14, 2012
Yeah what is that- sorth of a guide??
Devin Babyn Dec 14, 2012
The hell is sticking out of the hood
Puneet Dass Mar 25, 2013
Lol'd at all the comments below
Braxton Omgbased Booker Dec 14, 2012
@lou lmaoooo hopefully the drivers not underaged!
A.J. Brady Dec 14, 2012
Brings a whole new meaning to "Bump N' Go".
Lou Guerrero Dec 14, 2012
Hahaha I'm gonna pass on you
John M Weishahn Dec 14, 2012
I believe I can drive...
Zaire Wilkins Dec 14, 2012
they are making an nismo altima
Drew Humphrey Dec 14, 2012
They need to make a NISMO Altima. It could easy compete with Lexus IMO