Comments - Maserati Planning a 2nd Crossover?

Published: Dec 14, 2012
Description: Getting tired of news about new products from Maserati? Well hold on to your driving caps, boys and girls, because the Trident marque is showing no sign of slowing down. The latest? A crossover to riv...
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Charles Lowe Dec 16, 2012
I will have one in WHITE when they arrive.Thank you Maserati.
Max Dell Dec 14, 2012
Under 70Grand I'd go for it!
Jacob Burford Dec 14, 2012
If it looks like this then I'll give it a try!
Description: Don't confuse this reported new product, however, with the Levante. That's the production name of the Kubang crossover concept pictured here, which will be built atop the Jeep Grand Cherokee...
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Paul Dickey Dec 14, 2012
Well jeep and Maserati don't compete with each other.
Chris Gaines Dec 14, 2012
screw these corporate badge engineering buffoons. where's the competition if there are only technically 3 or so platforms out there competing in different trim levels?
Jommel Marcella Dec 15, 2012
Someone's lost here.
Zach Johnson Dec 14, 2012
During the night, the headlamps will stand out from other German rivals. The facelift was done spectacularly, well done Mercedes
Zach Johnson Dec 14, 2012
I'm sorry Maserati, but with Mercedes stepping up their game it's going to be hard to catch up.
Jonathan Ippolito Dec 14, 2012
Nice rear but I'm not a big fan of crossovers !
Timothy Hooker Dec 14, 2012
I like this rear. very nice detail and curvature..dat ass
Jommel Marcella Dec 15, 2012
You don't have up this Alfa.
Stas Allen Dec 14, 2012
To be a true gear head, you need to have owned an Alfa. - Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear
Avery Williams Dec 14, 2012
Franklin Lopez Dec 15, 2012
Looks like a loaf of bread
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Dec 14, 2012
Its a giant 159!