Comments - Jay Leno and the First Production Lambo

Published: Dec 14, 2012
Description: Jay Leno has made no secret of his passion for Lamborghinis. As the owner of several classic models - including a couple of Miuras and a Countach - Leno (somewhat surprisingly) doesn't own any Fe...
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porschyis.junk Aug 02, 2013
ferrari is the best
António Villas-Boas Dec 15, 2012
I love Leno and specially his articles on Octane magazine but I really don't get why he decided to be Ferrucios follower and hate Ferraris. Ferraris are incredible cars these days. Is there anyone that drove a 458 who doesn't love it? Not me...
Franklin Lopez Dec 15, 2012
I see a Corvette influence in the headlights. Who'd have thought?
Greg Lewis Dec 14, 2012
It's ok. I'm learning thing I'd never learned on my own. That steam car was pretty sweet...
Timothy Hooker Dec 14, 2012
no joke...this dude is on lenos sack lately
Jag Love Dec 14, 2012
Yeah, he's got a garage I would kill for, but for me, all of these articles have me suffering from Lenoverload.
Description: Because of its aluminum body construction, it was actually quite light, which was reflected in its solid performance abilities. Unlike modern Lamborghinis, the 350 GT has a front-engine setup instead ...
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Thibault Leroy Dec 15, 2012
Alex Arvanitis Dec 14, 2012
Timeless, great history
Thibault Leroy Dec 15, 2012
Yeah same here, shame he never drove one
Greg Lewis Dec 14, 2012
Can see James Bond in that bad boy
John Hyland Dec 16, 2012
Love it
John M Weishahn Dec 15, 2012
John Diller Dec 15, 2012
Not overdone. Simple but significant.
Franklin Lopez Dec 15, 2012
Very nice indeed
Waleed Alshahri Dec 14, 2012
No comment,,, 🙀
Greg Lewis Dec 14, 2012
Padded dashes are always cool!
Paul Trahan Dec 14, 2012
Flip all the switches!!
Tanton Stoneman Dec 14, 2012
I could sit in that everyday!
Alex Arvanitis Dec 14, 2012
By no means shabby, very well done especially for the times