Comments - Bolt Gold GT-R Sells for $187k

Published: Dec 14, 2012
Description: You may recall from the last couple of months that Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt had teamed up with Nissan for a special-edition GT-R. The unique gold-colored supercar was earmarked for a charity auctio...
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Brian Johnston Dec 15, 2012
Tim. Yes that is the point of charities.
A.J. Brady Dec 15, 2012
Continuing with William comments; Jacob, did you graduate from elementary school? Because if you did, then you wouldn't of opened the article because you would have read the title. Also, there is a picture of the GT-R with the title. So...
Tim Preisinger Dec 15, 2012
Brian, all charity cars will have massive inflation. Which is a good thing when your dealing with a good cause
Brian Johnston Dec 14, 2012
Wow talk about inflation.
Darian Vorlick Dec 14, 2012
Still cheaper than a Juke-R.
William Downs Dec 14, 2012
Sorry to but your bubble Jacob but no one cars what your sick of... u don't have to read the article, but what I'm sure majority of us don't wanna read is u bitching about what u can change... world doesn't revolve around u
Pablo Herasme Dec 14, 2012
Jacob Viiper McCord Dec 14, 2012
I'm tired of seeing "GTR tuned by so and so" and "GTR sells for however much".. Idc.
Greg Lewis Dec 14, 2012
That's a bit lower than I expected. Figured a GTR that stands out like this would of been prime for a Miami boy
Zaire Wilkins Dec 15, 2012
if i ever run into 1M which i will im buying this car first idc about the R36
Brian Johnston Dec 14, 2012
Black with gold accents would have been a better choice
Domenic Sergi-Holt Dec 14, 2012
Very nice. Is it painted or wrapped?
Jacob Burford Dec 14, 2012
Timothy Hooker Dec 14, 2012
very nicely done and I don't usually like gold cars
Braxton Omgbased Booker Dec 14, 2012
Good cause !
Devin Babyn Dec 14, 2012
His suit is so dust
Sam Oglesby Dec 14, 2012
Wait there are 2 of him
Michael Gallagher Dec 14, 2012
"Your crap belongs over there"
Aaron Crisp Dec 14, 2012
Tony Flaherty Dec 14, 2012
There is a nicer car over there ha ha