Comments - 2013: The Last Year of the Gallardo

Published: Dec 14, 2012
Description: Lamborghini has made no secret that it's currently developing a replacement for the strong-selling Gallardo. First unveiled in 2003, the Gallardo (hard as it is to believe) is nearing a decade of...
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Brian Johnston Dec 14, 2012
Finally!!!!!! Lambo dragged that one out.
Berk Aydın Dec 14, 2012
They will never make something like that, its a LEGEND. I hope it will be like murcielago.
Luke Purdy Dec 14, 2012
They are going to miss it because no new models of the car will be made, they don't want dated models.
Scott Lenahan Dec 14, 2012
Sad to know it'll be ending, this is my favorite car ever.
Richard Nichols Dec 14, 2012
It's not like its gone. They will still be around. Just have to buy one second hand. Would have one in my collection if I ever become the British version of Jay Leno!
Zachary Maurer Dec 14, 2012
Car guys will miss it because it is s great Lamborghini and wore the badge with pride, and most car guys appreciate iconic mid-engine supercars like this
Lucas Hill Dec 14, 2012
It's finally gone. Yeah can't wait for the replacement
Jacob Lerklint Dec 14, 2012
Of course it was a great car! But 10 years? It's a lot
Jacob Lerklint Dec 14, 2012
Why Will you miss it?? There are plenty of them out there, its one of the best car in the World but its getting old, its time for change!
Paul Dickey Dec 14, 2012
What's your point Jacob? Still a great car and I will definitely miss it
Justin Routh Dec 14, 2012
And i agree Malachi
Justin Routh Dec 14, 2012
Go back to junior high jacob
Jacob Lerklint Dec 14, 2012
Get over it, its almost 10 years old
Malachi Monteiro Dec 14, 2012
Makes me sad, this was an awesome Lamborghini
Description: The short video shows the Gallardo throughout its life and how Lamborghini itself is an integral part of the Italian way of life. There's no mention of the car's successor or whether there w...
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Mohammed Shamma Dec 14, 2012
I just hope the successor make it up for us. Its so sad to hear gallarado will come to an end but thats life nothing last forever and the world is developing so as lambo so pretty sure a new legend is on its way. Stay positive people :)
Tanton Stoneman Dec 14, 2012
It is hard to believe I was 5 when this came out...
Alex Arvanitis Dec 14, 2012
Excited for possible resale values that make a tt gallardo more possible to take on though.
Ada Onwukaike Dec 14, 2012
Crying !!!!!
Cindy Ngo Mar 20, 2013
Why it's discontinued!?!,??
Cody Gillard Dec 16, 2012
Sad I loved the gallardo it was very outstanding to me but hopefully Lamborghini puts up a great replacement even though it will be very tough trying to make something to surpass the gallardo
Roggina Froggina Dec 14, 2012
I like it. It's different and super aggressive looking. It looks nuts, just how a lambo should look.
Austin Bride Dec 14, 2012
I'm in love with that blue!
JB Kolod Dec 14, 2012
I think the slants would work if they didn't leave that huge open mouth and broke it up somehow
Braxton Omgbased Booker Dec 14, 2012
Looks like a cat fish alittle in the front
Jacob Burford Dec 14, 2012
I will make it four!
Janak Solanki Dec 14, 2012
Me three
Carlton Salmon Dec 14, 2012
Agreed, Alex.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 14, 2012
Not feeln the slants
Chris Gaines Dec 14, 2012
those slats should be matte black
Chris Penza Dec 14, 2012
Lamborghini really likes the use of triangles in their designs
Janak Solanki Dec 14, 2012
Those wheels are ugly too. What happened at the design studio? Senoritis?
Ethan Stanley Dec 14, 2012
I just really want to have a go in one. That's all.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 14, 2012
Not terrible at this angle but there wasn't a need for the redesign
Dillon Olson Dec 17, 2012
I'm curious what the insurance would cost. My friend's dad had a Ferrari 355, he said it was cheaper to insure it than his 18 year old daughter. Both of them had clean driving records
Taylor Garry Dec 15, 2012
Insurance would be a big one for me. Friends dad had an aston and loved it to death but it was ridiculous to insure it
Brian Micinski Dec 15, 2012
It'll be high in maintenance no matter what u get. Don't act like you won't drive it much. Because u will lol. At least for awhile when u first get it.
Tyler Tarbox Dec 14, 2012
which one you get
Tyler Tarbox Dec 14, 2012
@Joshua. It really depends on how much you drive it and which one you get
Joshua Arnott Dec 14, 2012
I totally agree with you guys about buying used supercars, but annual maintenance is ussually about 12k.
Dillon Olson Dec 14, 2012
Agreed, you can get a lot of car for the money, especially once they get older like the SL65 or cayenne turbo. Both are amazing 500hp+ cars that can be had for around $30k.
Tyler Tarbox Dec 14, 2012
but to have a car like that I think it's well worth the extra money. Just don't eat out as much lol
Tyler Tarbox Dec 14, 2012
There are a ton of used supercars you can get for under $100K that I would love to buy. Viper, ZR1, Gallardo, 360, 911 Turbo, V8 Vantage, DB9, R8, Continental GT, GranTurismo, GT-R, Elise, and a couple others I'm sure. I know maintenance is expensive
Jacob Burford Dec 14, 2012
Why did they change the front end? This new one is no where near as good as the last!
Daniel Bellafonte Dec 14, 2012
Think you guys are forgetting something though. As sure they will be cheap to buy as I've seen 360's F430's come down a lot and even really surprisingly priced early 2004-06 Gallordo's. But the insurance and maintainence costs will be a killer still
codymustang Dec 14, 2012
not a good angle for the gallardo. in my opinion it got a little uglier through its production run. but still a good looking car none the less!
Patrick Schalk Dec 14, 2012
Yeah that's why I'm glad some of those Vipers have depreciated. I wanna get my hands on one. And I've been eyeballing some Elises on Autotrader.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 14, 2012
Not diggn these tweaks but I am diggn what a successor to the gallardo will do to the values of Gallardo's. If they drop low enough, I'd love to build a tt gallardo. 04-08's are still around 80-125 but might fall to 55-65 in 2-3 years. Hoping.
Spiros Manessis Dec 14, 2012
At least not is this color combo ...
Chris Penza Dec 14, 2012
It looks depressed
Jordan Smith Dec 14, 2012
Yeah the bars were pointless. I think the one before this was the best.
William Downs Dec 14, 2012
If the car was black those bars wouldn't look so bad cause they wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb.. but any kind of color and they look completely out of place
Alex Arvanitis Dec 14, 2012
Not really working for me
Spiros Manessis Dec 14, 2012
Asian look.
Stephen Cobbs Dec 14, 2012
Why couldnt the car just be unrevised for the final year? Those random bars across the front and back end look ridiculous.
Daniel Alexander Soutar Dec 14, 2012
I hate to say this, but these additions are completely unnecessary and absolutely ruin the entire car. Remind me why the designer deemed them acceptable?
Mike Conrad Dec 15, 2012
There are a ton of cars out there with circular air vents that resemble these. Seemed to be the trend at the time.
Colby Church Dec 14, 2012
Eclipses don't have bad looking interiors, I own one myself. And how extravagant can an air vent really get? Lol.
Daniel Alexander Soutar Dec 14, 2012
Really old-school now, even in comparison to small cars now. But let's face it. Who cares? It's a Lamborghini and you can't argue.
Shaniqua Latisha Dec 14, 2012
Good job zach well said
William Downs Dec 14, 2012
And I have to point out why u gotta be such a douche bag zach
Zachary Maurer Dec 14, 2012
And I have to point out ur buddy's eclipse dosent have a mid engine v10, and this was not meant to have stickers on it that increase horsepower
Justin Routh Dec 14, 2012
This car is nothing short of amazing.. I have to point one thing out though. My buddys eclipse has the same air vents -.-
Alex Arvanitis Dec 14, 2012
That wins