Comments - Tim Allen's Impala Stolen by His "Son"

Published: Dec 13, 2012
Description: This is one of the strangest cases involving a stolen vehicle we've heard in a while. By chance, the car's owner happens to be comedian Tim Allen, star of the old TV series "Home Improv...
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Jason Brown Dec 14, 2012
Not sure what Brian is reading... Btw why is the thumbnail Impala not Tim Allen's Impala?
Lou Guerrero Dec 14, 2012
Read the article. It has an LS9?!? Haahahahahaha
Dylan Bruder Dec 13, 2012
It is an lt5
Jag Love Dec 13, 2012
*LT5, not LS5
Jag Love Dec 13, 2012
Colby & Shelby are right. Unless Tim Allen has since put another engine in it, it's well-known his Impala has an LS5 and was customized for him by GM. As for this being "ironic", it's only ironic in the Alanis Morrisette sense.
Greg Lewis Dec 13, 2012
Sorry, never cared for this car. Was never a fan of the caprice either. Impala name deserved better separation...
Miguel Jimenez Dec 13, 2012
Isn't this ironic? A lot of people don't know it but Tim Allen has a criminal record for GTA.
Shelby Cassandra Dec 13, 2012
Get over myself? Why? Are you one of the confused people that can't think past last week?
Jacob Greenleaf Dec 13, 2012
Shelby get over your self.
David Parenti Dec 13, 2012
Colby Church Dec 13, 2012
It's not the new ZR1 engine, it's the C4 ZR1 engine, which is the LT5.
Colby Church Dec 13, 2012
Shelby Cassandra Dec 13, 2012
I'm sure it isn't an LS9. Do you realize this isn't the first ZR1? Most likely it is a tuned LT5 (?).
Brian Johnston Dec 13, 2012
Read the article. Theres an LS9 motor in it. This things a sleeper.
David Parenti Dec 13, 2012
I'd steal it.
Lou Guerrero Dec 13, 2012
They aren't that fast lol but can be. I like these cars a lot.
Dylan Bruder Dec 13, 2012
I like them they can real move
Tyler Tarbox Dec 13, 2012
It's a muscle car. Personally I don't like them but still an ultimate sleeper
Drew Humphrey Dec 13, 2012
A 1996 Impala for a collection?
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Dec 14, 2012
What a beautiful Mustang!
David Parenti Dec 13, 2012
A 74 year old guy I work with has one of these in mint condition. Looks stock (except for the gauges on the dash) till he starts it up. It's super loud and has a built motor cammed. 74 year old guy driving it. Talk about sleeper.
Christian De Prisco Dec 13, 2012
Oh look at that White stang back tbere
Ian Barger Dec 13, 2012
Ian Barger Dec 13, 2012
Description: Here's the lowdown: 32-year-old Faustino Ibarra took the car from Allen's Los Angeles garage and drove it to Denver, Colorado. Upon arrival, Ibarra's own family members turned him into ...
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Description: As of now, Ibarra will be extradited to California to face charges for auto theft as well as stalking. Allen declined to comment, claiming this is a police matter. The comedian knows a thing or two ab...
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Chris Benson Dec 16, 2012
@jag love. The Binford 6100 was the take on the steering wheel lock in the episode "too many cooks". True story.
Jesse Andersen Dec 15, 2012
Haha, I guess some people think there is only 1 ZR-1. For all y'all knuckleheads out there they had one in the seventies, nineties, and today. Son must've been on coke too tho eh?
David Gomez Dec 15, 2012
My favorite 350 of all time.
Lou Guerrero Dec 14, 2012
Jesus, didn't realize so many crabuzzers don't know wtf an LT5 ZR1 is.
Jag Love Dec 13, 2012
Miguel is correct. It's the LT5. It was hugely publicized (at the time) that GM customized the car for him, using an LT5. If I remember correctly, they even used it on "Home Improvement", calling it the Binford 6100 (or something).
Greg Lewis Dec 13, 2012
Customized. So I don't think the year the donor motor came from means anything. He pimped the motor before dropping it in
Miguel Jimenez Dec 13, 2012
@Max this isn't the LS9. It's the LT5 from the C4 ZR1.
Garrick Lingle Dec 13, 2012
It's probably from a 91 corvette? There fore it's only 450 hp
Max Jabaay Dec 13, 2012
ZR1's(LS9's) make more hp than 450.
Lou Guerrero Dec 13, 2012
Well played indeed
Dylan Bruder Dec 13, 2012
Very nice
Stephen Tyler Learn Dec 13, 2012
Lt5 impala? Well played Tim Allen
Mike Renaut May 01, 2013
Same designer was previously responsible for the '61-'63 Thunderbird - some shared styling in places.
Nick Benz Dec 14, 2012
What a sad sad car this is. Its just depressing. This design mustve come from a man who just wants to watch the world burn.
Patrick Schalk Dec 14, 2012
Badass grocery getter here.
Dickson Lui Dec 13, 2012
This car kinda looks like a Pontiac Bonneville
Cody Gillard Dec 13, 2012
Haha stole I would have given it to him
Miguel Jimenez Dec 13, 2012
An LS9 would be pretty badass in this.
Aj White Dec 13, 2012
@Brian There is no LS9 in it!! The engine in Tim's car has an LT5 in it which came in the 90 model ZR1's. Stock it's got an LT1.
Brian Johnston Dec 13, 2012
Lou there is an LS in it. An LS9.
Lou Guerrero Dec 13, 2012
This could be a cool daily if you swapped for an LS.
Caner Ozdemir Dec 14, 2012
Put it this way, for a budget this is one hell of a car, and will outlast a ford ;D
Ethan Amo Dec 13, 2012
It's honestly my favourite generation impala...better than the modern day one anyway
Jeff Beko Dec 13, 2012
@Brandon Not true, this is just ugly
Aj White Dec 13, 2012
Still one of my dream cars. 1996 Impala SS
Lucas Hill Dec 13, 2012
So ugly
Coleman DuCharme Dec 14, 2012
The lines on this thing remind me of comic sans.