Comments - Mini Goes Official with JCW Paceman

Published: Dec 13, 2012
Description: Only a day after pictures of the new John Cooper Works Paceman were leaked online, Mini has officially released specs and details of its new three-door performance crossover. But just looking at it, w...
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Dylan Bruder Dec 13, 2012
Surprisingly I've seen quite a few countrymans
Ian Voegtlin-Potter Dec 18, 2012
This once again shows what Ferrari is capable of doing when they really want, and this ones color, it's style and it' presence, this one is the best car ferrari has made in over 30 years!
Ian Voegtlin-Potter Dec 18, 2012
just one more car for the history of world's least needed cars!
Brandon Bairian Dec 15, 2012
Im an assman like pacman , but you'll never catch me in a paceman
Gabriel Ramirez Dec 13, 2012
Looks way better than the countryman... Just needs way more power for me to even consider buying it.
JB Kolod Dec 13, 2012
Yes it looks better than the countryman, and it's probably a great car for the segment, but I wanted the rocketman concept and I will not forgive mini until they oblige.
Description: The Paceman, however, scuttles the Countryman's versatility, so does adding more power make it any more sensible? Of course not, but let's take a look at the specs: Power comes from a twin-s...
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Description: As with other JCW models, the Paceman's exterior is the recipient of a number of bespoke features inside and out, including 18-inch alloys, chrome sports exhaust, logo door sills, a lowered suspe...
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Gazel Hebbert Dec 13, 2012
So much for the "business case" aspect
Dehong Liu Dec 14, 2012
Me too
Jacob Burford Dec 13, 2012
I think I'm in a minority, but I actually like the look of this!
Jon Ashley Dec 13, 2012
looks different at least. I do want to own a mini at some point in my life. most likely it will be a cooper though.
Nick Benz Dec 13, 2012
This looks kinda odd. Im hoping it looks cooler in person than it does in pics
Dehong Liu Dec 14, 2012
Perfect taxi lol
Nick Benz Dec 13, 2012
Because his mom can see and always tells him to slow down haha
Nick Schnee Dec 13, 2012
"shows the passenger how fast I am going" Why would you have a problem with THAT?
Peter Mark Gacek Dec 13, 2012
The interior looks nice except for the darn speedometer. It's ugly and shows the passengers how fast I am going...stupid...however the mini's I've driven were fantastic cars! Don't judge a book by its cover.
Robert Odom Dec 13, 2012
Awesome handbrake.