Comments - Mercedes Officially Unveils 2014 E-Class

Published: Dec 13, 2012
Description: There's no use closing the proverbial stable door after the horses have bolted. Only by horses bolting, we mean cars leaking out, and by closing the stable door, we mean keeping said cars secret....
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Alex Le Dec 13, 2012
Looks pretty good. New headlights are kind of wonky though. Kind of vestigial looking with the remnants of the non-refreshed version's quad headlights.
Ziyodulloh Nurov Dec 13, 2012
very nice the best or nothing))
Taylor Rosello Jul 28, 2013
My uncle has one. It's a fantastic car
Andrew DAmico Apr 10, 2013
This thing is amazing am makes my 2011 e look like a toyota lol I have to get this next good luck for all the other cars in this class cuzz they don't come anywhere close to this beauty
Rylan Goon Mckenney Dec 15, 2012
Its pretty nice but im going to miss the 4 headlights the e class has been known for since the w210 platform
Douglas Mughogho Dec 15, 2012
Love it; Even from the top...
Douglas Mughogho Dec 15, 2012
Love at first sight!
Tristan Calangi Ü Dec 14, 2012
Its nice.But I want an e63!
Raven Khoury Dec 14, 2012
Similar to kia and Hyundai models lool
Jacob Burford Dec 13, 2012
Not sure if I like the new front end or not!
Jon Ashley Dec 13, 2012
this is how daytime running LEDs are done. not the afterthought crap I see on some cars these days
Shaun Conroy Dec 13, 2012
I think it looks kind of cheap, and I'm the biggest Benz fan.
Matthew van der Linde Dec 13, 2012
Has a kind of "alien" look to it, in a good way
Luke Purdy Dec 13, 2012
I really like the look of this
Tyler Tarbox Dec 13, 2012
Different headlights but otherwise it's the exact same. Great car though
Description: The latest is the restyled E-Class, which Mercedes has now released in both sedan and wagon body-styles. Scheduled to debut at the Detroit Auto Show next month, the mid-range four-door Benz has been t...
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John David Fuller Dec 13, 2012
No the Audi A6 has a full LED headlight option just like the larger A8.
Stephen Tyler Learn Dec 13, 2012
I think they are talking about the actual headlights. Not those stupid led strips
Janya Pulusu Dec 13, 2012
You mean last in class...BMW and Audi already have them
Description: Sport models also come with an AMG-style front bumper and dual exhaust tips, with distinct suspension tuning from the Luxury model. Styling along the flanks, rear end and interior have also been subt...
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Zach Johnson Dec 14, 2012
During the night, the headlamps will stand out from other German rivals. The facelift was done spectacularly, well done Mercedes
Carter Fellows Dec 13, 2012
Looks better then te sedan
Chris Martinez Dec 13, 2012
Description: The systems utilize a new stereo camera to detect potential obstacles in 3D, and make the new E-Class even safer than the model it replaces (as well as just about anything else on the road you might h...
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Gazel Hebbert Dec 13, 2012
To the automated statement it's OBVIOUSLY for worse! I want to drive the car; not it drive me
Description: The E350 carries over with a 302hp 3.5-liter V6 (in either rear- or all-wheel drive), there's an E400 Hybrid that marries the same V6 to a 27hp electric motor, and at the top of the list is the E...
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Jacob Lerklint Dec 14, 2012
Ethan@ 4-matic is option
Ethan Amo Dec 13, 2012
Should've kept it rear wheel drive...
Phaidon Chrisostalis Dec 13, 2012
Maybe this is the Us specs because here i europe istead of the 5.5L v8 we use I think a 4,7 or 4,6 turbocharged v8
Gazel Hebbert Dec 13, 2012
Car overall looks pretty alright but those led headlamps aren't a good look. So far it looks like Audi is the only one able to pull it off super cleanly
Mark Fei Ling Dec 13, 2012
The official says the new V6 is 330 horses
Jimmy-Rantai Laut Dec 30, 2012
I love the external face lift, it's sleek, masculine and it has the elegance of the Mercedes..not so much on the interior.
Arsim Ponik Auu Dec 13, 2012
Mercedes Benz said that the E Class should have two separate headlights, so where are there now?!
Shaun Conroy Dec 13, 2012
The headlights aren't the only change.
Sean Sutton Dec 13, 2012
Thats why its facelift
Mohammed Shamma Dec 13, 2012
Thats the point of a facelift. Looks great anyway
David Munasinghe Dec 13, 2012
Same old car. New head lights
Jose Gonzalez Dec 13, 2012
A diesel and hybrid in one package!! Like this even more..
Michael Riley Dec 13, 2012
those tail lights are ginormous.
Luke Purdy Dec 13, 2012
Rear could have been a lot better
Rafael Ridwan Dec 13, 2012
The 5 series looks better in every angle.this e-class nagh...only from this angle this car looks nice.
Bill Hamill Jul 08, 2013
Rylan Goon Mckenney Dec 15, 2012
Its the stick to the right of the steerig wheel just like it is on the currebt generation. Up for reverse, down for drive and press the button on the end for park. Neutral is just a half push of the stick towards the centre.
Jacob Burford Dec 13, 2012
Nice interior! Mercs always have nice interiors!
Chris Gaines Dec 13, 2012
Peter Mark Gacek Dec 13, 2012
Where's the shifter? Is it push button now, is it on the steering column, or is it hidden under where it should be?
Mark Fei Ling Dec 13, 2012
Come on! Can't Mercedes make a big screen like the rest???