Comments - Leno Samples 2013 Lexus IS Prototype

Published: Dec 13, 2012
Description: When you're someone who's influential to both the automotive and entertainment industries as Jay Leno is, then it should be no surprise that automakers would seek your advice for some of the...
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Description: Powered by a 306-horsepower V6, the Lexus prototype left Leno admittedly impressed at not only its engine but also how it felt on the twisty pavement. But the big question is whether it's good en...
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Zaire Wilkins Dec 16, 2012
lexus needs to boost their 6yr old 306hp V6
Brendon Davis Dec 15, 2012
While I can't see much of it, I love the new interior.
Author Norman R. Colson Dec 14, 2012
Leno gets to play with all the new toys
Zaire Wilkins Dec 13, 2012
the next G is half german
Jon Ashley Dec 13, 2012
I gotta see the next g, only because I'm a Nissan guy. Both infiniti and lexus are making some exciting concept cars recently though.
Zaire Wilkins Dec 13, 2012
yea it is lol way off no one would buy a 530hp 125K IPL G
Ryan Faber Dec 13, 2012
yeah I was talking about the new ipl. I read that somewhere.. its probably wrong.
Zaire Wilkins Dec 13, 2012
the NEW G 125k not even only the IPL G will be 65-75K
Dylan Bruder Dec 13, 2012
Actually sounds pretty good but if I were to bet it will probably place behind the 3 ant the ats
Jared Oteri Dec 13, 2012
Wait until the m4 comes out if you want to talk performance minded cars. M is coming hard with new models to out perform and to set a new standard of what they can do. I believe they will silence any critics
Gazel Hebbert Dec 13, 2012
I'll admit the new f30 isn't the BMWs best offering but if by some rare chance they are dethroned, it'll only be for a very short time. And it won't be by a Lexus or even an Infiniti. Audi has a much better chance at that than these two combined
Ryan Faber Dec 13, 2012
I cant wait for the new G. I just hope its not too out of my price range. I heard rumors of it being upwards of 125k... if so im def not buying.. might as well go with a gtr..
Zaire Wilkins Dec 13, 2012
the new G will decrown the 3 series but this car should be like a mini GS
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Dec 13, 2012
The last IS was pretty good. Im expecting great things from this generation.
William Downs Dec 13, 2012
Besides BMW is getting soft with there cars, only a matter of time before there dethroned, now I'm not hating on BMW just telling it how its going,
William Downs Dec 13, 2012
The isf wasn't even that far off the m3 's tail and that was there first shot at a performance vehicle, that and when they designed and built the current IS it wasn't bit as a performance minded car, was just a good Lexus, now there getting serious about the whole package
Matt Piccolo Dec 13, 2012
I would say they have a chance, the new gs, es, etc. are all nice cars
A.J. Brady Dec 13, 2012
Oh, and not a chance in hell like it beat the 3 series, or merc., or, Audi or even Cadillac new ATS. Lexus is and always will be the soft and comfortable ride side of the auto industry. Not a bad thing. And the LF-A doesn't count as its a super car.
A.J. Brady Dec 13, 2012
You can tell the Jay drive this car, on the same trip (over the Japan) and day, that he drove the LF-A convertible, i.e. look at his hair.
Matt Piccolo Dec 13, 2012
Sounds pretty good. Not sure if it will decrown the 3 series, but I think it will b a good competitor
Jared Oteri Dec 13, 2012
Not a chance in the world
Rockesh Boulder Dec 13, 2012
Dont knwo if your being sarcastic, but its a wrap... @Timothy
Timothy Hooker Dec 13, 2012
that paint job sucks..
Matt Antonioli Dec 13, 2012
Hopeful those wheels will change.. I have an IS now, and those are not to standards
Gazel Hebbert Dec 13, 2012
Hopefully those wheels are part of the camo package because they are really small
William Downs Dec 13, 2012
I'm gonna guess he talking shit because 1. Its an import 2. Its a Lexus/Toyota 3. He is just trolling like a child
Janya Pulusu Dec 13, 2012
Looks really long for a 3series competetor
Shaniqua Latisha Dec 13, 2012
Well if you have x-ray vision i guess it looks like poop
Chris Gaines Dec 13, 2012
looks like poop