Comments - Ford Buys Back its Oldest Car

Published: Dec 13, 2012
Description: As part of the year-long 150th birthday celebration of Ford's namesake founder, Henry Ford's great-grandson and current executive chairman Bill Ford has just bought a 1903 Model A that is kn...
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Gunner Burns Dec 13, 2012
How much did they pay for it?
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Dec 16, 2012
Bit lower would be Good
Alex Medvedev Dec 15, 2012
I would mob that
Luis Daniel Angilello Dec 15, 2012
It kinda looks like a Mclaren F1..... Steering wheel in the middle... LOL!!
Coleman DuCharme Dec 14, 2012
Lantern headlights. Neat.
Timothy Hooker Dec 13, 2012
two min is a long time. I gotta a lot to do before the end of the world next week
Stray Kots Dec 13, 2012
"Oh yeah, I'd drop some calcium carbide pellets in those headlamps anytime." :P
Colby Church Dec 13, 2012
Throw some black wheels on it and lower it. Ballin. Haha
Tyler Tarbox Dec 13, 2012
Cool car. Would hate to own one but still cool
Kyle McCullough Dec 13, 2012
You couldn't wait more than 2 minutes?
Timothy Hooker Dec 13, 2012
$264,000.. I couldn't wait y'all were taking too long
Timothy Hooker Dec 13, 2012
someone look up how much they paid. .I'm too lazy to do the research. ready..set ..go
David Parenti Dec 13, 2012
@carlton. Yes it can, on ice; or perhaps a Gymnasium floor covered in oil.
Justin Routh Dec 13, 2012
Hahaha carlton
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Dec 13, 2012
But can it do a burnout? -LenoVoice
Eric Dare Dec 13, 2012
I believe they were known as a horseless carriage at the time
Drew Humphrey Dec 13, 2012
To think that was at one time a car!
Description: The Model A was a vital car for the struggling young company at the time. With a cash balance of just $250, one full payment and two cash deposits came in, totaling $1,320 for the three cars. It was b...
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Daniel Kenneth Babler Dec 13, 2012
Fanboy.... Can't you just enjoy the cars and not be such a child?
Jared Palmer Dec 13, 2012
And Chevrolet then much like now is still a second rate car company
David Lee Dec 13, 2012
@Stray XD True
Stray Kots Dec 13, 2012
"And to think, in a hundred and ten years mustangs would still share the same suspension... and brakes" XD
Alex Medvedev Dec 15, 2012
So compact hahaha