Comments - Red Bull Racers Wow the Fans in Bologna

Published: Dec 12, 2012
Description: While the new cars and pretty girls took shelter inside the Bologna Fiere exposition center this past weekend, it was outside - in the snow - where the real action was taking place. Although the area ...
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Description: The demonstration included the Red Bull Racing RB6 driven by David Coulthard, a Toro Rosso STR7 piloted by Daniel Ricciardo, the Citroen DS3 WRC with recently-retired nine-time world champion Sebastie...
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Douglas Goncalves Dec 12, 2012
Sweet indeed. It takes a lot of talent to control all that power onto a super lightweight machine.
Dylan Bruder Dec 12, 2012
Description: Fortunately our man Marchettino was on hand to capture the action, as he always does when it comes to automotive spectacles in Italy, and we've included two of his clips right here for your enjoy...
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Amer Tawil Dec 13, 2012
When uve seen kent block drift nothing else impresses you but very entertaining non the less haha