Comments - Nissan Traces the Roots of the Skyline GT-R

Published: Dec 12, 2012
Description: These days Nissan's GT-R and Skyline may be two different models - the former a standalone supercar and the latter essentially a rebadged Infiniti G37 - but the two owe their lineage to the same ...
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Dylan Reece Mar 24, 2013
Love these
Byakka Hirakawa Dec 17, 2012
Now c Dosnt the "G's" run a 350z/370z motor?
Devin Babyn Dec 12, 2012
I wish they'd make a car below the GTR that carries on where the R34 was. No I don't count the G35/7 as an appropriate one
Lou Guerrero Dec 12, 2012
Don't sound so special anymore huh? Lol after the 34 the GT-R became its own model and dropped the skyline name but everyone knew that akready
Sebastian Soroka Dec 12, 2012
Yes it is
Chris Gaines Dec 12, 2012
ugh.. the g37 is a rebadged skyline lol
Description: Although it couldn't beat the Porsche 904 Carrera GTS (a purpose-built racecar), Prince Skyline number 39 gave the Porsche a run for its money and sealed its place in the annals of Japanese motor...
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Jon Ashley Dec 12, 2012
72' GTR, my absolute favorite model. I knew the story a bit but I did learn some new things. Import guy for life
Lou Guerrero Dec 12, 2012
Sunako-san! Seems like a cool old racer. Good video.
Lou Guerrero Dec 13, 2012
If I were resto-modding an old skyline GT (not GTR) I'd like a a high compression NA RB20 with ITBs on megasquirt.
Jon Ashley Dec 12, 2012
I did that exact powertrain swap in FM4 on a 72' a bit scary, even for a video game.
Donte Perino Dec 12, 2012
When I commented earlier this morning, there was a different picture...
David Gray Dec 12, 2012
Lmao is that not a bit of a stupid question Donte? Considering you can clearly see the mirrors on the front fenders?
Alex Renaud Dec 12, 2012
Anyhow, I can't get enough of the early model Japanese-made cars, in particular the PL510 and S30 Z cars.
Alex Renaud Dec 12, 2012
Technically, the mirrors are mounted near the front of the front fenders, not the side of the hood - but I hear ya, Donte.
Drew Humphrey Dec 12, 2012
Looks like it
Donte Perino Dec 12, 2012
Is this the model years when the mirrors were on the side of the hood?
Alex Medvedev Dec 15, 2012
Love it
Nikolai Nikolaevich Stankevich Dec 12, 2012
That is very nice I would love to own one.
Lou Guerrero Dec 12, 2012
First thing I noticed also.
Stephen Ishard Dec 12, 2012
Fairly modern isn't this like a 64
Carlton Salmon Dec 12, 2012
Can't remember the last time I've seen a fairly modern car with front drum brakes.