Comments - Mini Paceman JCW Arrives Early

Published: Dec 12, 2012
Description: Remember when Mini made just one or two models? Yeah, neither can we. These days the Anglo-Saxon automaker offers a full range of model variants, multiplied by a wide range of engines. At the top of t...
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Kyle McCullough Dec 12, 2012
The sarcasm in the first line just made my day
Max Dell Dec 12, 2012
I wish honda bought mini, then I'd buy one for the reliability!
Josh X Williams Dec 15, 2012
JCW are actually my initials
Petro Maalouf Dec 14, 2012
I think bmw turned the mini into a better car but my first choice hothatch is still the Vw Golf even thought the new mini is good
Description: Contrasting with the nero paint are red stripes, roof and trim, along with up-sized alloys and aero package. Essentially a coupe-ified version of the Countryman, the Works-spec Paceman is likely to ...
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Nick Benz Dec 12, 2012
Yea theyre wearing chrome eyeliner.
Tony Flaherty Dec 12, 2012
Yea but look at the tail lights!
Nick Schnee Dec 12, 2012
Good, they fixed the exhausts.
Austin Sullivan Dec 12, 2012
This is sweet