Comments - McLaren P1 Filmed Testing

Published: Dec 12, 2012
Description: McLaren is hard at working preparing its new hypercar for production, and World Car Fans has video footage of the P1 prototype (still wearing camouflage) undergoing testing. The spy video represents t...
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A.J. Brady Dec 13, 2012
I want the 1+2 seating arrangement back. That is one of the key feature the set the F1 apart, apart from speed and car design.
Description: The design of the McLaren P1 was revealed in September at the Paris Motor Show, and the British racing team turned automaker promises the finished product will be 95% the same as the concept. Power is...
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Ben Knorr Dec 15, 2012
personally, I will take that deep rumbly exhaust note over any of the high pitched Italian exotics any day.
Colby Church Dec 13, 2012
Wing=retractable. :)
Benjamin Levin-O'Leary Dec 12, 2012
Jon Ashley Dec 12, 2012
definitely sounds more agressive than the mp4. Also, the way he closed the door around 20 seconds... it looked practically weightless! futuristic looks, mind blowing cornering, most likely. Very exciting times with the enzo replacement, this, and the 918.
Thomas Lepage Dec 12, 2012
Looks and Sounds epic. Love the doors. Can't wait to see more of this animal!
Tanton Stoneman Dec 12, 2012
Well that thing has a v8 for sure...
Preston Ming Dec 12, 2012
although it looks the part..I'm glad that this doesn't have that typical "high revving whine" most overseas supercars carry..granted i love the note of a ferrari or lambo..something about a throaty rumble that sends chills down your spine!
Barry Boo Wilson Dec 12, 2012
Everyone is talking about how good it sounds....did I miss the part of the video where they get on it some?
David Guerrero Dec 12, 2012
It's a Christmas miracle! Best car sound I've heard in a while
Seth Pettman Dec 12, 2012
Bomb diggity!
Nick Schnee Dec 12, 2012
God, this sound! d0_ob
Ray Moreno Dec 12, 2012
*gulp* all that is holy! Thing sounds amazing!
Aaron Sparks Dec 12, 2012
Wow. Just wow.
Chris Gaines Dec 12, 2012
that's a pretty manly v8 growl for something so futuristic looking. I like it!
Austin Sullivan Dec 12, 2012
This thing is a monster
William Downs Dec 12, 2012
Ohh sweet baby Jesus, that thing sounds amazing, such a beautiful design, can't wait to see a full production model without the camo
Carlton Salmon Dec 12, 2012
I agree, Adrian. Sounds even better than the MP4 12C.
John Hyland Dec 12, 2012
I know what I'm putting on my Christmas list lol
Josh Andrews Dec 12, 2012
I cant wait for this car
Dylan Bruder Dec 12, 2012
@tyler it's the same and only other engine they're using right now
Charlie Austin Dec 12, 2012
Hot wheels car
Austin Sullivan Dec 12, 2012
Favorite car. No question, sorry Agera.
Shelby Cassandra Dec 12, 2012
It is just so different than anything else.
Carlton Salmon Dec 12, 2012
Not a beautiful car but stunning nonetheless.
Lizmary Mendoza Dec 12, 2012
That's just awesome!!! So speechless
Thibault Leroy Dec 12, 2012
I was there, this car is so impressive in person
Brennon Aucoin Dec 12, 2012
Dude, why is the color so weird?
Thibault Leroy Dec 12, 2012
Yeah this has the MP4's tail lights but thats probably part of the camo
Shelby Cassandra Dec 12, 2012
It still has camo on it. They will probably change it up.
Nick Schnee Dec 12, 2012
The rear doesnt look quite finished... I hope they'll go back to the concept.
omarSV Dec 12, 2012
one of the changes theyve made since the concept is the rear lights. on the concept the lights were long, thin and curved with bodywork. now as you can see theyre just little rectangles, shame.
Brandon Fortson Dec 12, 2012
That's gonna be a fantastic car!