Comments - BMW M6 Gran Coupe Shows Up Ahead of Schedule

Published: Dec 12, 2012
Description: Last month we brought you a small selection of pictures of the all-new BMW M6 Gran Coupe taken at an event at the Nurburgring. Today these official images have found their way online, revealing the fo...
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David Gray Dec 13, 2012
It's standard 2013 BMW interior, just slightly more curvy n some colour to accentuate it. Same switches, dials, stereo, air con n everything else. Just jumping on the bandwagon
Miko Reginella Dec 12, 2012
The interior looks nothing like that of an don't know what you're talking about
Paul Dickey Dec 12, 2012
I agree the cls is the best out the tree by far.
David Gray Dec 12, 2012
It doesn't look better than an M5. The only 1 of this 4 door/coupe cars that worked was the original CLS. And as for the interior, it's a BMW so it will be pretty much identical to the 5, apart from the passengers in the rear will have less room
Quinn Rogers Dec 12, 2012
Because of a nicer interior and better looks?
David Gray Dec 12, 2012
I don't understand this! Why wouldn't you just buy the M5?!?!
Petro Maalouf Dec 14, 2012
I like the car .... But i really think that the cls 63 is the ultimate car for me in this category
Chris Martinez Dec 13, 2012
Description: That translates to 553 horsepower and 501 pound-feet of torque, sent to the rear wheels via a seven-speed DSG and BMW's smart active rear differential. Where the M6 Gran Coupe will debut is yet u...
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Zachary Maurer Dec 13, 2012
I'm not jelous, but just remember we're the only ones that use mph...
Dylan Bruder Dec 12, 2012
I didn't hammer anyone but if you wanna be jealous n be a dick go ahead doesnt hurt my feelings any in America we use mph so that how I think sorry if your offended if you don't like it be more specific
Paul Dickey Dec 12, 2012
Cls is boss status
Chad Schley Dec 12, 2012
Dylan is just confused because his boy friend is kissing him in his avatar photo.
Zachary Maurer Dec 12, 2012
0-100 kilometers is like 0-62, actually think before you hammer someone
Justin Routh Dec 12, 2012
The cls, s7, and this all look so damn good
Thibault Leroy Dec 12, 2012
He is talking about 0-100 kph
Dylan Bruder Dec 12, 2012
Cls for me and 0-100 in 3.5 is faster than a veyron buddy nice try
Tyler Tarbox Dec 12, 2012
CLS63 AMG>S7>M6>Panamera
Jake Knickmeyer Dec 12, 2012
The panamera looks great in person but terrible in pictures
Alexander Aksenov Dec 12, 2012
Panamera Turbo S does 0-100 in 3.5, which is a good second ahead of all the others.. Too bad it looks like a whale. IMO the quad exhausts don't quite suit the elegance of the car, the 650i Grand Coupe has a nicer rear end..
David Hicks Dec 12, 2012
Oops, Tourette's isn't easy to live with.
David Hicks Dec 12, 2012
The Panamera is an absolute weapon in terms of performance, if only it didn't look like a bag of D I C K S!
Chris Gaines Dec 12, 2012
on looks only s7>m6>cls ....>a pig ....................................>panamera
Timothy Hooker Dec 14, 2012
they moved my comments from the other article to this one...thanks buzz I feel special
Jackson Bond Dec 13, 2012
It's not a coupe, it's a sedan, maybe I missed something but how is something with 4 doors considered a coupe?
Timothy Hooker Dec 12, 2012
I thought concordes were discontinued in the 90s
Brennon Aucoin Dec 12, 2012
It's hard to believe this is a 5 series
Pablo Herasme Dec 12, 2012
I would take the gran coupe over any Mercedes, Audi Or Panamera
Jonathan Seal Dec 12, 2012
Pretty sick but I feel it is better in just a coupe
Jared Oteri Dec 12, 2012
@ tony that's incorrect
Jared Oteri Dec 12, 2012
Jared Oteri Dec 12, 2012
BMW maintenance is free...... Unless you seriously fuck up your shit and don't take care of it. I have a 128 my father has an e39 m5 so I'm not just talking out my ass lil
Tony Flaherty Dec 12, 2012
They are too soft so are not reliable and there fore too expensive.
Logan Delony Dec 12, 2012
What's wrong with a BMW? Other than they're expensive to fix.
Tyler Tarbox Dec 12, 2012
Looks fantastic...too bad its a BMW
Patrick Schalk Dec 12, 2012
Hammer Wagon. Suck it.
James Salaba Dec 12, 2012
Well what to say! It is nicer lookin then m6 but still nothing special! Would take m3 e46 or gtr33 over this any day!
Timothy Hooker Dec 12, 2012
it's so big.. that's what she said
Jared Oteri Dec 12, 2012
M6> everything. FTW M POWER!
Zeus Mocha Dec 12, 2012
CLS AMG > S7 > This
Aaron Sparks Dec 12, 2012
My only gripe with this version is that the greenhouse gets dwarfed by the beefed up body panels and wheel arches. But that could just be (and probably is) me.
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Dec 12, 2012
Perfection, perfection! The best looking 4 door coupe for me was the 1st CLS AMG and then this one
Timothy Hooker Dec 13, 2012
sooo big. eesh
Herbert Beltran Dec 13, 2012
Herbert Beltran Dec 13, 2012
@jordan look again. They fill the wheel well. You can see the caliper painted gold. Car looks massive but id love takin her for a spin! Beatiful
Dennis Choong Dec 13, 2012
Hmm... carbon ceramic brakes
Gazel Hebbert Dec 12, 2012
This looks like a really BIG car
Jordan Smith Dec 12, 2012
Those back brakes look tiny.
Miko Reginella Dec 12, 2012
Looks awesome
Justin Routh Dec 12, 2012
Completely agree
Jared Oteri Dec 12, 2012
I know many might see this as a waste of an M badge but I see it as a true beauty and beast mixed. This car is gorgeous and now that it has this under the hood it should make for one fun, big car.