Comments - Porsche Registers 919 Nameplate

Published: Dec 11, 2012
Description: Fuel has just been added to the rumors of a new model slotting between the Porsche 911 and 918 with the supercar maker from Stuttgart registering the "919" name at a German patent office. Th...
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Richard Nichols Dec 12, 2012
Peugeot have registered all numbers with 0 in the middle. 901-909. So that rules a few out for porsche.
Charlie Austin Dec 11, 2012
Raleigh, NC word up, 919
Nick Benz Dec 11, 2012
If you could do that someone wouldve registered all numbers between 0-999 that havent already been used
David Justice Dec 11, 2012
...or better yet, sell them to Porsche as they need them LOL
Shelby Cassandra Dec 11, 2012
Makes me want to file for patent on the rest of the 900s. Lol. It would be like a fuck you to Porsche with their number system.
David Justice Dec 11, 2012
Porsche should just register all of the 900s
Nick Schnee Dec 11, 2012
They really should go for a 969 458/SLS/MP$ fighter...
Brady Williams Dec 11, 2012
@jason Not really is a 914 better than a 911?
Jason Brower Dec 11, 2012
The 919 will be a lower tier model than the 918? That's odd nomenclature.
Petro Maalouf Dec 14, 2012
When i want a supercar stuttgart is the city to choose
Description: It's just as likely the carmaker is simply protecting the name for future use, stopping other companies from claiming it in the meantime. Porsche CEO Matthias Muller has confirmed that four new m...
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John David Fuller Dec 12, 2012
If they put the power of the 911 into a Cayman, the Cayman would be the better car! Mid engine setup is always better than rear.
David Justice Dec 11, 2012
I was referring to the amounts of engineering in trying to control a rear engined car, not in Porsche as a company. Sorry for the confusion.
David Justice Dec 11, 2012
I meant on the 911. If they put same effort into the mid engined Cayman, id say it has a good chance to outperform the 911.
Justin Routh Dec 11, 2012
Theyve been making the 911 for 48 years. The GT2 RS is in the top 5 at the ring and they're only getting better. Porche reaching their ceiling i got a good laugh outta that one
Justin Routh Dec 11, 2012
Hahahaha you think porsche has reached their engineering ceiling. Care to explain how thats possible? Are they gonna stop researching and developing new technology along with every other car maker? Porsche makes some of the best drivers cars
Jackson Rojas Dec 11, 2012
The 911 will be forever! VIVA LA 911
David Justice Dec 11, 2012
It's about time I think. I love the 911, but for the future, there is so much you can do for a performance oriented rear engined car. Porsche may have reached the engineering ceiling if not pretty damn near it.
Thibault Leroy Dec 11, 2012
Carlton Salmon Dec 11, 2012
That's a great angle for this car. Those exhausts look mental!
Petro Maalouf Dec 14, 2012
I see pure porsche's design in this ....
Rithhin Jawahar Dec 12, 2012
Me too
Braxton Omgbased Booker Dec 11, 2012
I see alittle f430
Matthew Crighton Dec 11, 2012
Thats awesome.