Posted on: Dec 10, 2012
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Panamera GTM by Misha Designs

Styling specialist creates aero body kit for Porsche’s super sedan.
California-based aftermarket specialist Misha Designs has introduced its latest piece of work, a GTM direct bolt-on body kit designed for all Porsche Panamera models from 2010 onwards. The aero kit includes an all-new front bumper with optional lower carbon-fiber lip spoiler. Larger, more aggressive openings draw in more air to cool the super sedan's V6 or V8 engine, while wide fenders draw air out from behind the front wheels and side skirts flow seamlessly to new rear fender flares.

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At the rear, trunk and roof spoilers increase downforce and add some visual aggression, a new sport bumper comes with optional carbon fiber diffuser, and a wide body rear bumper with wide body fender flares is also available. Completing the package is a set of 22-inch Giovanna Mecca Concave wheels, and a special tone-on-tone matte/gloss paint job by JC Customs highlighting the aggressive new hood.

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by Adam Lynton
Panamera GTM by Misha Designs
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