Comments - Lamborghini Planning Aventador 50th Edition

Published: Dec 10, 2012
Description: Lamborghini is about to turn 50 years old, and you can bet the Italian automaker won't miss the opportunity to celebrate. The company revealed plans at Pebble Beach back in August to launch a 750...
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Emil Klossie Kleijsen Dec 16, 2012
Seems like someone is a bit jealous, what's the matter Car buzzer? Can't handle that someone has more money than you?
Robbie Dickson Dec 10, 2012
The Lamborghini 50th Anniversary celebration Giro will start in Milan Italy and drive 750 miles across Italy ending with an Epic event at the Lamborghini factory. This will be a once in a lifetime 5 day event. I am having my Aventador shipped from Canada to Europe just for this event, its something I have waited 30yrs to do.
Matthew Mazzarelli Dec 10, 2012
Not a race, a rally.
Dylan Ammlung Dec 10, 2012
where is the race going to be??
高智泉 Dec 13, 2012
How special
Tony Flaherty Dec 11, 2012
It has 2 ben
Jason Brower Dec 11, 2012
This has definitely replaced the SLR Sterling Moss as my favorite speedster.
Ben Marotta Dec 10, 2012
I don't like the fact it doesn't have a windshield
Janak Solanki Dec 10, 2012
No one else can do it better than Lamborghini!
Jesse Andersen Dec 10, 2012
NUTS. Crazy to dislike this it's too unique.
Stas Allen Dec 10, 2012
Best Aventador IMO
Jommel Marcella Dec 10, 2012
It looks complicated.
Drew Humphrey Dec 10, 2012
What an amazing machine
Description: Word has it that Lamborghini will take the occasion to launch a special 50th Anniversary edition model, likely to be based off the Aventador. The Bolognese automaker applied such a treatment to the Mu...
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Jonathan Ippolito Dec 11, 2012
Forget special editions ! Just offer the V12 with more power and rear wheel drive !
Daniel Anglevik Dec 11, 2012
Neither Countach 25th or Murcielago 40th had an upgrade in horsepower. But the Aventador really needs more hp to compete with Ferrari F12. Hp sells..
Wyatt Gordon Dec 10, 2012
They need to make the Lamborghini Ferrucio, same deal as Ferrari did with the Enzo
Jon Ashley Dec 10, 2012
sorry, might not be clear, Its probable that they will make a special series aventador. In fantasy, I hope they make another one-off model
Jon Ashley Dec 10, 2012
I'm thinking it will be a special series. I'm hoping for a Reventon, part 2!
Blake Antil Dec 10, 2012
They should just make the Ferruccio Lamborghini concept car a reality. Go big or go home, right?
Chris Penza Dec 10, 2012
A new muira would work too
Daniel Anglevik Dec 11, 2012
The best looking car ever built. But in black or metallicred please. Omg it hurts so much to see this. I will never own one.. :(
Tyler Tarbox Dec 10, 2012
And Ferrari 360
Tyler Tarbox Dec 10, 2012
It's not that I hate convertibles, I just prefer the coupe in every car besides the Mercedes SLS
Wyatt Gordon Dec 10, 2012
@Tyler, dude convertibles are awesome. And anyway, this is a Targa, not a full convertible
Stephen Reed Warren II Dec 10, 2012
I really like this color. I thought the dark blue was great but I might like this more
Tyler Tarbox Dec 10, 2012
I want to like this, I really do. But I just don't like any convertibles
Rishi Sawla Dec 10, 2012
That's plain epic
Wyatt Gordon Dec 10, 2012
Great car, but picture wise is this the best you could do? However, while the car looks totally modern, the wheels could use some updating
Jake Trumbull Dec 10, 2012
Shelby Cassandra Dec 10, 2012
Never was a big fan of the looks. I still can't deny that it is fast though.
David Guerrero Dec 10, 2012
The car is not dated, the image style is dated.
Charlie Bell Dec 10, 2012
Maybe some new wheels and this car looks like its pretty modern, defiantly not dated!!!
Paul Dickey Dec 10, 2012
Sometimes I feel people say a car is dated just up say something about the car.
omarSV Dec 10, 2012
@Rohil, youre on your own with that one, its famous for looking the exact opposite!
Austin Bride Dec 10, 2012
Bad picture for the car
Rohil Chauhan Dec 10, 2012
This looks very dated.
Tyler Tarbox Dec 10, 2012
My first ever dream car!
Adam Thomson Jan 02, 2013
It is stylish,
Jason Brown Dec 11, 2012
Robbie, my friends going to drive up north to be in your Canadian Bullrun. He told me how incredible it was. He hasn't decided which car to enter, either the gold GTR or the Black M6. Don't get too close to him on the road with your Aventador.
Stephen Reed Warren II Dec 11, 2012
Because its a half million dollar car? And the chances of that guy having the money is slim...having the opp to buy it slimmer...and writing a paragraph about it on carbuzz is a dead give away he drives a used Nissan z350
Tyler Tarbox Dec 10, 2012
I still find it funny how no one believes him. I don't see why it's so unbelievable
John Hyland Dec 10, 2012
I could fit this right next to my Sesto Elemento Reventon and 350 GTV
Wyatt Gordon Dec 10, 2012
Yeah guys, Robbie totally has those cars. Just like I have a one off Zonda with a billion HP that nobody knows about called the "Robbieisaliar" edition.
Tyler Tarbox Dec 10, 2012
@stephen. Why don't you believe him? Somebody's got to have the money to buy it. Granted it is pretty pathetic that he had to say all that on a car forum so people he doesn't know think he's cool.
Jesse Andersen Dec 10, 2012
2nd favorite next to the Murci.
Stephen Reed Warren II Dec 10, 2012
Yeah me too robbie. I'm going to buy 3 though! All different colors. And I'm going to park them outside my mansion in Nobodybelievesyouville
Thibault Leroy Dec 10, 2012
@Robbie you serious?
Robbie Dickson Dec 10, 2012
I've just ordered the Roadster Aventador, I already have the coupe but the second I hear what the 50th anniversary is I'll be ordering one right away. I think it will be an Aventador with a new color and lots of Carbon Fiber parts added, possibly a few more HP
Jorge Gonzalez Dec 10, 2012
I like the countach.
Chris Penza Dec 10, 2012
It looks so empty without the spoiler on the quattrovalvole or whatever it's called
Tanton Stoneman Dec 10, 2012
Favorite 1980's Supercar!