Comments - Honda Unveils 2013 Civic in LA

Published: Dec 01, 2012
Description: Honda leaked a couple of images of the facelifted Civic a few weeks ago, and has now revealed the updated 2013 Civic Sedan and Coupe in full as it made its live debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show this...
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Matt Piccolo Dec 01, 2012
Someone who wants an inexpensive fun to drive car, but has kids and can't get a coupe
Bobert Liu Dec 01, 2012
I certainly would! I have had my fair share of 2 door coupe.
Jarrett Sheppard Dec 01, 2012
Who the hell wants a 4 door civic si ?
Bala Uncc Dec 02, 2012
Thanks Honda aholes for putting cow dung on my face. I am one of the losers who bought 2012 civic
Raschard Jackson Dec 01, 2012
Eww. Civics haven't looked good in a long time..
Sam Oglesby Dec 01, 2012
Well the stupid trophy cabinet around the badge is go so that's something I suppose
Description: That's why just over a year after launch, a facelifted version of Honda's top-selling sedan has been rolled out, debuting in LA at the same time as hitting dealerships across the country. Th...
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Ryan Riley Dec 01, 2012
I'm all for this actually. The 9th gen looks good modified and this will look fantastic modified.
Raschard Jackson Dec 01, 2012
Yeah, still looks ugly to me. The new Accords look so good though. And that's coming from a big ANTI-Honda guy.
Gazel Hebbert Dec 01, 2012
8th gen civics were so much better. This is a slight improvement over the 9th gen but its still pretty bad.
Puneet Dass Dec 01, 2012
Looks way better than the crap box the UK receives
Frederick Perez Dec 01, 2012
Looks better than current
Scott Lenahan Dec 01, 2012
I hate how the front end is just one continuous curve.
William Downs Dec 01, 2012
Chris have u ever seen the cobalt the back end looks nothing like a cobalts
John Atnip Dec 01, 2012
In the new model line up, I'd still take a CR-Z over the new Civics. The best Civics are the late 80s and early 90s model.
Matt Piccolo Dec 01, 2012
It looks better, but I wouldn't in any way say this is better than the accord...
Chris Benson Dec 01, 2012
This just screams GM to me. The rear end styling looks to similar to a cobalt.
Mohammed Shamma Dec 01, 2012
If people compare this to a 3 series or a c class of course this car will be ugly to us but as a honda product this car looks so good and improved. Even better than the new accord
Nick Schnee Dec 01, 2012
They should bring back the triangle based design of the older Civics...
Adam Beiersdorfer Dec 01, 2012
This shape does nothing for me... I'm not even a Honda guy and I would still take the old civics (none bubble years) over this... Yeah it has some nice trinkets, but I still think its styling is lost...
Jitendra Patel Dec 01, 2012
they need to change the rear lights thats the only bad part of the car
Borphan Limthong Dec 01, 2012
It's good start, still needs a couple touches towards the front
Car Buzzer Dec 01, 2012
Wow, this is absolutely stunning - probably the best looking Honda ever
Description: The chassis receives a recalibrated steering set-up with a faster ratio, a retuned suspension with stiffer wheels and front spring rates, and thicker anti-roll bars for better driving dynamics. Honda ...
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Joe Talerico Dec 01, 2012
Meat head??? Any car enthusiast would want more than 140hp.
Puneet Dass Dec 01, 2012
Although I'm against meat heads who say "needs more power" all the time, I reckon this car needs more power
Alex Arvanitis Dec 01, 2012
201hp! Hell ya, that's like 300 when vtec hits. Just kidding, it's a nice car actually, cams alone pick up 30+hp depending on the grind. Some as much as 50-70hp. Impressive for a 2.0
Joe Talerico Dec 01, 2012
Better looking, but I wish the stock motor had a little more umph.
Description: The Hybrid again pairs a 1.5-liter four with an electric motor good for a combined 110 hp. Addressing one of the 2012 model's biggest complaints, an inferior, noisy interior, Honda has refurbish...
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Johnny Hoover Dec 01, 2012
I know the civic is a cash cow, but you need to bring a new body style at least bring the Type-R. Honda you have became to much of a family car dealer we want are S2000, type r and many a awd prelude back. I know they never had awd. They did have AWS
William Downs Dec 02, 2012
Yea the altezza was the is300 here but they had different engine options also
Raschard Jackson Dec 01, 2012
Yeah, I always thought the Altezza looked bad with those tail lights. It was the Lexus IS model in the states though. I'm pretty sure it was..
Gazel Hebbert Dec 01, 2012
Altezza style lights always look like a tacky aftermarket piece.
Edgar Jauregui Dec 01, 2012
BMW like tail lights
Alex Arvanitis Dec 01, 2012
I'd like them on a different color car, Altezza lights on silver always detract the look to my eye. Red or black would suit them well.
Matt Piccolo Dec 01, 2012
Looks much better!
Justin Di Nardo Dec 01, 2012
Yes, lights are much better- sucks for those who bought the '12
Jitendra Patel Dec 01, 2012
i like the style of those lights
Julian Rasolko Apr 12, 2013
I sat in one of these and man it was COMFORTABLE
Ted Cyrek Feb 15, 2013
Interior looks cheesy on this revamp, adding chrome highlights on the vents doesn't make it luxury. And what is this drive toward luxury, what does it mean? Sometimes, simplicity is beautiful.
William Downs Dec 02, 2012
Civic interior looks better then the vette?... what do u expect Alex, Matt is thr biggest anti American car guy on here, he is a jap freak and makes that know every chance he gets
Alex Arvanitis Dec 02, 2012
Z06's/zr1's with the 3lt interior are BMW level nice. Not tech heavy, but well appointed enough. The base c6 interior is still superior to these civics though. No question. These civics aren't bad cars, they just are economy cars. It shows everywhere
Alex Arvanitis Dec 02, 2012
Matt you can't, be done with it dude, the vette has a nicer interior than the civic. I own a detail shop and have detailed many vettes and many civics. The c6 is finer, no BMW but superior to a civic.
Matt Piccolo Dec 02, 2012
U just know I'm right! Like honestly, a 120k zr1's interior, is out done by a fucking civics interior.... A fucking civic.... Not that I don't like the civic lol, but u shouldn't b able to compare it to a vette.... But u can lol
Alex Arvanitis Dec 02, 2012
I like your style Matt but theres something funny about the way you pick and choose it haha, rock on buddy.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 01, 2012
Matt your so full of shit it comes out of your mouth far too much for me to shovel it all up, enjoy ignorance and tepid trepidation.
Logan LeMonnier Dec 01, 2012
Can't we just admit neither are very good.
Matt Piccolo Dec 01, 2012
And I mean they're compatible interior design/quality wise
Matt Piccolo Dec 01, 2012
@ Alex, 1. This has better quality materials, and a more attractive layout then the vette 2. Ur comparing a 50-120k sports/super car to a 20k compact car... And the sad thing is they are comparable lol!!!! And the civic wins lol!!!!
Alex Arvanitis Dec 01, 2012
Matt I don't know how you can call the vette crap interior wise but be such a fan of this. More power to ya
Gerardo Sosa Dec 01, 2012
Green button of POWER!!
Jimmy Williams Dec 01, 2012
I feel like it would drive you insane looking at it every day, but at least the materials are of average quality vs. last year's "Little Tykes" grade plastic.
Matt Piccolo Dec 01, 2012
Honeslty, this isn't the fanciest interior in the class, but I think it's the best! I love the 2 level dash, it's unique!
Alex Arvanitis Dec 01, 2012
Honda used to lead the class, now they seem a little behind the times interior wise.
Jordan Smith Dec 01, 2012
I absolutely hate this interior.
Jimmy Williams Dec 01, 2012
Definitely an improvement over the '12 at least.
Chris Martinez Dec 03, 2012
It will get there in 2015
Rashid Mirza Dec 03, 2012
Can anyone tell me when Honda will bring in this revised model to South East Asia & Middle East. The 2012 shape is sick. The interior is so crude that one has no option but to keep using the older version of reborn introduced way back in 2006.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 01, 2012
It's pretty clean, they'd did good
Ethan Amo Dec 01, 2012
I like it....much better than the 2012 model
Zaire Wilkins Dec 15, 2012
i like this
Ikram Yunus Dec 06, 2012
Its like E46 tail light but smaller n sharper
Bracey Wright Dec 03, 2012
Much better Honda. Great Job.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 02, 2012
Steve, do a google search. These are very similar to bmw's tail light design language on the 2012-13 3 & 5 series. I'll bet you 3 tacos, 2 enchiladas and a horchada.
Steven McGovern Dec 02, 2012
Should have dual exhausts - one either side
Steven McGovern Dec 02, 2012
Ha ha. BMW??? Not even close to any resemblance
Alex Arvanitis Dec 01, 2012
What year Tim? Look t the 2012's and 2013's tails on google images.
Logan LeMonnier Dec 01, 2012
I see what he means. The design is similar to bmws new tail light designs
Timothy Hooker Dec 01, 2012
yes I owned one.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 01, 2012
Tim have you seen the 5 series these days? Or the 3?
Timothy Hooker Dec 01, 2012
if you see BMW in this then u could be the most creative person ever...
Gazel Hebbert Dec 01, 2012
@alex of course; the Japanese are known for shamelessly ripping off design cues from German cars. No disrespect to any Asians on here, but I've heard it from multiple places.
Puneet Dass Dec 01, 2012
That's a pretty sporty looking rear end
Alex Arvanitis Dec 01, 2012
These are the lights for this car. The gray ones must be hybrid only, or optionally thankfully. These almost say 5 series BMW design language wise, very clean and classy.
Jon Ashley Dec 02, 2012
This is a lot better than the new crap Sentra.
Matt Piccolo Dec 01, 2012
A LOT better than the 2012! Props to Honda for correcting their mistake!
Alex Arvanitis Dec 01, 2012
It's clean all around IMO. These photo angles are odd though. Fisheye on a low 3/4 view makes stuff look like whales.
Patrick Schalk Dec 01, 2012
I agree Jordan. They at least got the back right.
Jordan Smith Dec 01, 2012
Back looks good. I still don't like the front end though.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 01, 2012
Tom Ippolito Dec 04, 2012
Those seats are ugly but look comfortable I'm not really into Hondas designs lately the only good parts they ripped off BMW and everything else just doesn't flow it's like the interior is all chopped up no fluidity and then the outside is just as ugly
Douglas Goncalves Dec 02, 2012
Lets compare this car with others in its class. Looking at the interior it seems to hold an advantage over the Corolla, Sentra, and pretty much all other compacts from other brands.
Alex Arvanitis Dec 02, 2012
The corvette had a double bubble interior in the 50's that isolated the driver, as well as the passenger. I think ford started the trend in the 1900's with the model t. Mercedes may even lay claim to the 1st with that steam car from 1876.
Matt Piccolo Dec 01, 2012
Lol cars like the supra and rx-7 had driver oriented interiors back in the 90's, it's nothing new
Deon Lingum Dec 01, 2012
@Gazel you can't compare a Honda to BMW and this looks nothing like a BMW interior anyways.
Gazel Hebbert Dec 01, 2012
I love how BMW (I THINK) were the first to "isolate" the driver from passengers by having the dash orientated toward the driver, and now I see a similar look here
Alex Arvanitis Dec 01, 2012