Comments - GT-86 Convertible to Premiere at Geneva?

Published: Dec 01, 2012
Description: Although nothing is 100 percent confirmed, inside sources at Toyota have been hinting that an open-top version of the GT-86 sports coupe will premiere at the Geneva Motor Show this March. In order to ...
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Jackson Chan Dec 01, 2012
Bala. As good as the boxster is, its still not as good as the caymen so i agree with sam
Bala Uncc Dec 01, 2012
Sam I disagree, eg boxster
Brandon Carr Dec 01, 2012
I hope this doesn't hurt the handling any
Yasser Zahabi Dec 01, 2012
The British would love this :)
Sam Reinsel Dec 01, 2012
Mmmm... I'm not sure it'll compete with the MX-5. The Miata is built as a roadster originaly, and the GT-86 convertable would be a drop top. Convertible versions of hardtop cars just aren't usually as good as pure roadsters...
高智泉 Dec 09, 2012
Is this a prototype car?
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Dec 02, 2012
These wheels are better than the production ones
Mohammed Shamma Dec 02, 2012
@alex thanks
Johnny Vu Dec 02, 2012
I noticed in this pic is that the wheels on this 86 are from the FR-86 II concept
Alex Klemstein Dec 01, 2012
@Mohammed Scion is a brand for North America owned by Toyota. We have both Scion and Toyota here. Sometimes Toyota chooses to market some of their cars as Scions in the US. The Toyota GT-86 is sold as the Scion FRS here. We also get the Subaru BRZ.
Mohammed Shamma Dec 01, 2012
I just saw something called scion fr-s. they al most the same. Is it a completely different company or a diff version of the gt? Can someone please makes it clear for me?
Description: Meaning, will Toyota forgo the tiny rear seats altogether or manage to find a way to keep them without sacrificing too much rear cargo space. Nothing is expected to change under the hood with the 2.0-...
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