Comments - Chris Harris Flogs Mercedes SLS GT

Published: Dec 01, 2012
Description: One of our favorite auto scribes and video hosts, Chris Harris never misses an opportunity to drive the most powerful, unique and just plain fun cars out there. This week he braves the cold and grey s...
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Description: Compared to the standard SLS Coupe, the GT has an additional 20 horsepower as well as a more refined gearbox. Harris says that it literally does feel like he's driving a mid-engined supercar. Jud...
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Douglas Goncalves Dec 02, 2012
If I'm paying $200k for a super car, this is how I want it to sound!
Mitchell Mefford Dec 02, 2012
Yep so it actually is a mid engine car
Nick Schnee Dec 02, 2012
The SLS' engine is behind the front wheel axis isn't it? Just wondering...
Dylan Knapp Dec 01, 2012
The exhaust note is so amazing on this car
Yasser Zahabi Dec 01, 2012
No problems here.. Sound is working
Marshall Barr Dec 01, 2012
Not getting any sound out of the video for some reason on my iPhone.