Comments - 4 Auto Ads Outlawed in the UK

Published: Dec 01, 2012
Description: Many people complain American commercials are too tame after watching a few ads from abroad. However, you'll probably be singing the praises of the FCC after you check out these auto ads that wer...
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David Gray Dec 03, 2012
Leonard, I'm actually from England. I think you've misunderstood that I was taking the piss out of this stupid article
Stephen Tyler Learn Dec 03, 2012
The police in the US carry guns. Argument over.
Leonard Pai Chidamwoyo Dec 02, 2012
Oh and 70 mph speed limit
Leonard Pai Chidamwoyo Dec 02, 2012
Drink at 18,drive 17 & legal sex age 17
David Gray Dec 02, 2012
Haha nanny state? What's your max speed limit? What's the age you can drink alcohol?
Patrick Schalk Dec 01, 2012
It's the hippies I tell ya!
Jackson Chan Dec 01, 2012
UK has become too much of a nanny state. They need to take a chill pill!! Not that im condoning drugs!!!
Rohil Chauhan Dec 01, 2012
I agree with car buzz. It IS ridiculous!
Gazel Hebbert Dec 01, 2012
I don't get it; why are you guys saying this? Carbuzz didn't really do anything offensive
Hesham Hanna Dec 01, 2012
Carbuzz I think u have went over the limit I know that the advertisement rules r a bit too much but u went even further.
Adithya Chandrasekhar Dec 01, 2012
@David Relax man, they were just trying to give a good intro for the article I guess
David Gray Dec 01, 2012
You must be fucking kidding me? Our ridiculousness outdoes yours does it?
Description: This ad was banned either for its liberal use of bollocks (look it up), or for the "dangerous" behavior it promoted in children: the little girl could've hurt herself reaching for the c...
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Carlton Salmon Dec 03, 2012
Quite right too, John.
Saqar Khudairy Dec 03, 2012
Hahahah Saif Al-taeef
John Atnip Dec 01, 2012
Hahaha. True English humor.
Description: If you believe the UK, then this Toyota ad is dangerous as it could potentially encourage motorists to drive irresponsibly. It took a grand total of two complaints to get this ad pulled. Way to go, UK...
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Harrison Trapnell Dec 02, 2012
But... I live in the UK and I've seen this on TV 3 or so times and I saw it at the cinema when I saw Skyfall...
Clark Thompson Dec 02, 2012
They stole the music from Inception
Patrick Schalk Dec 01, 2012
Haha bullocks!
Cian Mac Gearailt Dec 01, 2012
Ok so we can see some girl in underwear for some perfume but we cant see a car drive fast makes no Sence
Rohil Chauhan Dec 01, 2012
What kind of ducking retards would complain about this ad!? It was the best ad on the telly and every time it came on it made me proud to be a petrolhead! We are a minority ever shrinking. :(
Josh Banning Dec 01, 2012
I've seen this loads of times in the U.K.
Gazel Hebbert Dec 01, 2012
That was really good! Why've I never seen it in the US? It's always those lame Toyota commercials that make me yawn. This makes me want one.
Kyle McCullough Dec 01, 2012
Fricken awesome!
Darien Scruggs Dec 01, 2012
Yeah that was one of the best car commercials I've ever seen!
John Atnip Dec 01, 2012
This one is still ridiculous. This is a great commercial! Makes me want a Toyobaru every time I watch it
Description: General Motors tried to pull a fast one with this Vauxhall Ampera (Volt) ad. The spot was banned for suggesting the hybrid gets a cool 360 miles on a single charge. Pretty sneaky, sis.
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Owen Tiernan Dec 03, 2012
Cian Mac Gearailt Dec 01, 2012
God i love a welsh accent why was it band?
Brendan Bell Dec 01, 2012
I like this better than the volt- it looks more futuristic and agressivr
John Atnip Dec 01, 2012
I don't believe it's been as problematic as the Volt either...
Geoff Novak Dec 01, 2012
I like the styling of the ampere more than the volt.
Description: Volkswagen's ingenious "Fight" commercial for the Golf was deemed too violent to be viewed before 9 p.m. Apparently British viewers aren't ready to see awesome car commercials befo...
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Thibault Leroy Dec 02, 2012
Rhis is a pretty old ad it passed here in France over a year ago
Kwasi Prempeh Dec 02, 2012
@sebastian we are all entitled to an opinion. Carbuzz introduced the political forum by posting the ads. If you can't stand the heat...
Kwasi Prempeh Dec 02, 2012
My Bad michael I used the wrong figure only 9,000 murders, not including Illinois and Florida according to FBI figures. As for your argument of more Law abiding citizens carrying guns....
Cian Mac Gearailt Dec 01, 2012
Sebastian is right also this is a stupid long and boring ad that put me off golfs
Sebastian Grey Dec 01, 2012
Oh shut up all of you. This is a place for cars not political debate.
Michael Macho Dec 01, 2012
Well if more responsible citizens carried a firearm, those numbers would be significantly lower. And site your source were you did get that number from.
Kwasi Prempeh Dec 01, 2012
Please remember over 16000 gun related murders in the US last year.
David Gray Dec 01, 2012
Because we are trying to keep the amount of shootings and gang violence in schools down to a minimum....
Robert Young Dec 01, 2012
B/c they have such lower crime rate than here in the USA.
Ben Koch Dec 02, 2012
That's awesome! I bet a dark blue with silver stripes would look pretty cool too
Robert Young Dec 01, 2012
I like it