Comments - Purple Pagani Spotted in Modena

Published: Nov 09, 2012
Description: How you think the Pagani Huayra looks may come down largely to what color you see it in. The original beige in which it was unveiled made it look rather boring. But the two-tone black and red scheme t...
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Chris Penza Nov 09, 2012
The black and red looks amazing on this car
Description: Behind those gilded spokes you can see brake calipers painted in the colors of the Italian flag, which might go unnoticed on most cars, but the size of with the Huayra's calipers gives the Tricol...
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Luke Purdy Nov 09, 2012
Do you guys read at all? Or do you just look at the pictures like a kid reading a childrens book?
Robert Young Nov 09, 2012
Still ugly. Sorry...
Sam Sexton Nov 09, 2012
the Italian flag calipers are kinda tacky
Tony Flaherty Nov 09, 2012
Does anyone read the articles?
Paul Dickey Nov 09, 2012
Ha they don't need to completely smooth out the plastic no point in that.
Sam Oglesby Nov 09, 2012
I think the car is covered in plastic to protect the paint but I don't think they are very good with it hence all the wrinkles and bubbles
Justin Routh Nov 09, 2012
Purple looks good on it! Not so sure about the gold wheels though
Lucas Hock Nov 09, 2012
ruined :-(
Alex Medvedev Nov 09, 2012
Ya lol old wrinkled up car
John Hyland Nov 09, 2012
Looks like its been in a terrible accident
Jared Oteri Nov 09, 2012
I saw this car when it wasn't fully finished, pretty cool to see it finished in a little over a month
Donald Chip Schofield Nov 09, 2012
Nice calipers
Kyle Rawn Nov 09, 2012
I mean it's not as bad as some other colors it could be. At least it's not in some gold chrome wrap or whateer
Dillon Magee Nov 09, 2012
Not as bad as I would've thought.
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 10, 2012
Who gives two shits about his coat, what are you guys the fashion police?
Aaron Crisp Nov 09, 2012
Be nice guys. At least he had his trash bag stitched.
Morgan Marcella Nov 09, 2012
Oh... I get it now. LOL
Harrison Armstrong Nov 09, 2012
I think he's talking about the guy standing next to it. His jacket resembles a trash bag.
William Downs Nov 09, 2012
What don't read much do u, article explains the reason for the plastic wrap
Timothy Hooker Nov 09, 2012
guess when u pay 2 mil for a car all u can afford to wear is trash bags