Comments - Porsche to Unveil New Sportscar in LA

Published: Nov 09, 2012
Description: Once strictly a sportscar manufacturer, Porsche has long since branched out from its core competence with crossovers like the Cayenne and sedans like the Panamera. But don't conclude from its exp...
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Tommy Burkart Nov 19, 2012
obviously the Macan
Luke Purdy Nov 09, 2012
Well I can't complain, bring it on
William Downs Nov 09, 2012
@Steve, its classified as a crossover SUV... therefore it can be called a crossover
Steve Sandford Nov 09, 2012
Also the cayenne is not a crossover
John Serely Nov 09, 2012
@alex it adds character
Alex Medvedev Nov 09, 2012
Beaten up haha but nice
Description: In making the announcement, Porsche has revealed next to nothing in the way of details on the new vehicle, saying only that it will mark the "world premiere of a compact sports car" and noth...
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Colby Church Nov 11, 2012
It will either be a new model completely, or a completely redesigned former product. It said "compact" do I can infer from that information that it is most likely a new entry level sports car slotted below the boxster. I'm almost positive.
Mitch Pchelarov Nov 10, 2012
Might be the 911 GT3
Zeus Mocha Nov 10, 2012
Lol why you so mad? The FRS/BRZ is a great car. True I highly doubt they are a match for this future Porsche but they are really good little cars non the less
Luke Purdy Nov 09, 2012
Hmmm, not sure about another car that lies beneath the cayman and boxter
John Serely Nov 09, 2012
I think it will be the new cayman
Daniel Kenneth Babler Nov 09, 2012
Exactly Preston
Preston Ming Nov 09, 2012
I'm sure whatever this car may sure as hell won't challenge the frs/brz..CUZ THERE IS NO CHALLENGE! it already, with no pics or specs, blows the doors off that ricer hunk of s***! I wish everyone would stop hyping that junk pile!
Jon Wheel Nov 09, 2012
The updated Cayman is being shown off at LA, they wouldn't replace it at the same show...genius
Dylan Knapp Nov 09, 2012
Frs/brz challenger?
Steve Sandford Nov 09, 2012
It's gonna be a new caymen
Olen Blount Nov 09, 2012
914 return?
Description: Of course Porsche could also be using the term “sports car” rather loosely, indicating the arrival of a new four-door model to slot in below the Panamera. Or we suppose it could mean another version o...
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Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Nov 09, 2012
This was my first ever sportscar experience. fun car.
Jared Thomas Nov 15, 2012
it looks cool
Colby Church Nov 11, 2012
This isn't a one off concept? Hell, I have 4 at home in my 36,000 sq ft climate controlled, triple story, elevator equipped collectable automobile warehouse.... Lol
Bruno Rocha Nov 10, 2012
Yeah, its awesome. But u must accept it does not exist, its just a concept, one of
Darian Vorlick Nov 09, 2012
So awesome.
Derek Soanes Nov 11, 2012
Zeus Mocha Nov 10, 2012
I just wish the surrounding area wasn't polished.
Alex Medvedev Nov 09, 2012
Look at the back end wow