Comments - Meek Mill's Rapide Gets Gold Forgiatos

Published: Nov 09, 2012
Description: Hip-hop star Meek Mill recently sent his Aston Martin Rapide to Forgiato Wheels in order to give his matte black British sedan a new look. These images showcase the result. 22-inch three-piece Designo...
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Kian Francis Nov 11, 2012
@sam so right
Jahaziel Ortiz Nov 10, 2012
You hate it before you play it
Jahaziel Ortiz Nov 10, 2012
I'm all up for good music but sincerely meek mills is actually DECENT compared to people like WAKA and the stuff that's "HOT" right now. Pretty ok The sad part is when people are so quick to judge with out giving it a try.
David Silva Nov 09, 2012
You guys are jits how do you not know who he is and really hating on a man that has the money to buy one of these is unjust lol
Gabriel Scott Nov 09, 2012
Meek Mill's the shit right now, I dig his bars
Jt Thomas Nov 09, 2012
Lol @ who is meek mill? He's one of the better MC's in rap right now compared to bs like Waka Flocka . If ya don't know by now doubt you'll ever knooow.
Raymond Reynoso Nov 09, 2012
Lol 22 inch wheels, when is this stupid fad going to be over and done with? Who the hell is meek mills? I'm not putting that crap in my search history.
Sam Oglesby Nov 09, 2012
Another idiot out to ruin every car he sees
Curtis Clayton Nov 09, 2012
Who the hells meek mil?
Austin J. Bower Dec 22, 2012
He shouldn't be allowed to own an Aston Martin
Kian Francis Nov 11, 2012
Aston Martin would definitely not approve
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 11, 2012
Shaniquas right this shit is ugly, the wheels are to big and the paint job makes it look cheap.
Shaniqua Latisha Nov 10, 2012
Erich this looks horrible
Zaire Wilkins Nov 09, 2012
maybach music
Dillon Magee Nov 09, 2012
I saw a silver one yesterday. It looked way better than this.
David Justice Nov 09, 2012
@Ben. Thick side walls means worse handling. Not saying 22+ inch rims are any better, just saying that's why tire tech went the way it did.
Ben Mossing Nov 09, 2012
What ever happened to the old steel wheels of the 60s and 70s, when having thick walls looked good, with a little red line and some rally wheels, nothing could compare, now with all these big wheels it's like having old wagon wheels and feels like it
donny5.0 Nov 09, 2012
Straight up pimp
Brian W. Soper Nov 09, 2012
Nasty, complete fail. But if he likes it, that's all that matters.
Matthew Mazzarelli Nov 09, 2012
Forgiatos, the most expensive way to ruin a car.
David Parenti Nov 09, 2012
Good looking car! My bad...WAS.
Bikram Saini Nov 09, 2012
@Dale I completely agree with. Rims lookin insane
Stephen Cobbs Nov 09, 2012
That car is crying inside.
Raymond Reynoso Nov 09, 2012
Oh rappers, how much I hate your existence. I wish I were born in another era to avoid this entire hip hop crap.
Logan Delony Nov 09, 2012
It's his car.. He can do whatever he wants with it. But this isn't how I'd customize it
Dale Schroeder Nov 09, 2012
The matte finish wrap is what makes it look trashy in my opinion. A proper gloss black look and the wheels would look much better on it.
Rommel Powell Nov 09, 2012
This does look bad but its his car. He can destroy it if he wants. Thats the good thing about money. Get another one next year.
Joseph Flieder Nov 09, 2012
The grills not bad but the wheels WAY to much.
Kwesi Desmond Prempeh Nov 09, 2012
@Rachel " they kill cars cos its easier than killing people"lol
Rachel Ribeiro Nov 09, 2012
Why do rappers love to kill cars?
Carlton Salmon Nov 09, 2012
Totally ruined a great car. Shame we can't ban people from creating monstrosities like this. This isn't someone being individual, it's mindless butchering.
Daniel Bellafonte Nov 09, 2012
But this really has lost any class it once of may had when new.
Daniel Bellafonte Nov 09, 2012
Forecast today: High chance of negative comments inbound haha.
Kian Francis Nov 11, 2012
That's a Rapide, I just realised I could just handle it if it was a DBS but not a family car!!
Alex Pritsert Nov 10, 2012
Car looks good but the gold looks like Arab car. Chrome is much better.
Augie Schroer Nov 09, 2012
Chrome looks better on the grill and rims. Replace the gold parts......
Brendan Bell Nov 09, 2012
Dosent look good. Also, what's with the white stripe on the windshield? It kinda ruins it.
Raymond Reynoso Nov 09, 2012
It doesn't look sporty anymore. Looks like an all terrain vehicle now.
Sam Oglesby Nov 09, 2012
Ruined it.
Brian C Miller Nov 10, 2012
Killin'em! Number 2's all day.
Jörgen Nilsson Nov 18, 2012
The back is also ruined. Three, I fixed the sentence for you. :-)
Justin Santinelli Nov 09, 2012
The back is ruined