Comments - Ferrari to Auction 1st F12 for Hurricane Relief

Published: Nov 09, 2012
Description: Ferrari North America has announced it will be auctioning the first F12 Berlinetta in North America to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. The auction will take place at 9 p.m. Eastern time on November 1...
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Treston Ott Nov 10, 2012
How come the south doesn't get stuff like this we've had at least 4 bad hurricanes in the past 10 years and the northeast gets one bad "superstorm" and everyone freaks out. Not trying to disrespect anyone who lost someone but I'm just saying
Zaire Wilkins Nov 09, 2012
this is nice but can somebody replace LIPA i miss my wifi it sucks being on 3G
Dillon Magee Nov 09, 2012
That's great to hear
António Villas-Boas Nov 09, 2012
Well done Ferrari!!!
Tin Nguyen Nov 09, 2012
They raised money for victims affected by the earthquake in Italy and now this. All companies should be like this. Giving back to the community is what it's all about.
Tin Nguyen Nov 09, 2012
I was never a big fan of Ferrari. I have nothing against the company. It just that their cars never attract me except for the 288 gto. However, I do respect their generosity toward victims of natural disasters.
Tim Preisinger Nov 09, 2012
I'm a EMT on long island. While we were all pretty run down and tired, it was nice to see so many first responders putting in as many hours as we have and helping out. Some areas around here were pretty destroyed..
Stanzel Washington Nov 09, 2012
Worst storm I've ever been in. My school was closed for 2 weeks because of it.
Alex Medvedev Nov 09, 2012
Ferrari always does that so nice of them
Michael Davidson Nov 09, 2012
Unless its an old classic one.
Michael Davidson Nov 09, 2012
No, Jay isn't really a Ferrari guy.
Elias Harb Nov 09, 2012
Jay Leno
Matt Piccolo Nov 09, 2012
Great idea Ferrari!
Brian Johnston Nov 10, 2012
Lee Oleinick Nov 09, 2012
Justin Chavez Nov 09, 2012
You know wheels have become pretty common on cars these days. My cars even have wheels..
António Villas-Boas Nov 09, 2012
Beautiful car!!! Ferrari is coming back to its 60's glory
Patrick Schalk Nov 09, 2012
Those have been on many other different models already. Brake cooling systems are pretty common nowadays. I even have a brake cooling kit on my Camaro
Description: "Here at Ferrari, we have experienced and seen the devastation that Hurricane Sandy has caused in the affected area firsthand," said Marco Mattiacci, chief executive and president of Ferrari...
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Description: The successful bidder will also have the option to have the hood signed by F1 drivers and receive a special dedication plate. When the F12 Berlinetta hits US showrooms in the middle of next year, it w...
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Kyle Kloewer Nov 10, 2012
Tyler Tarbox Nov 09, 2012
Car is great, but for $315K? I'll stick with the 458 and save some cash
Luke Purdy Nov 09, 2012
This picture doesn't give the rear much justice, but the back was the first thing I fell in love with this car.
Rachel Ribeiro Nov 09, 2012
I think those are break lights
Serge Pankratov Nov 09, 2012
Wow! Unlike many Ferraris, Im in love at first sight with this one! I think shes perfect all the way around! =]
Chris Penza Nov 09, 2012
I like it, but the rear is a little to plain. It needs some vents above the exhaust
António Villas-Boas Nov 09, 2012
Can't wait to see one!!!
Alex Medvedev Nov 09, 2012
First bet 99$
Darian Vorlick Nov 09, 2012
Love the front but the tail has yet to grow on me.
Stephen Cobbs Nov 09, 2012
I think he means 599.
Dennis Choong Nov 09, 2012
Outgoing F12?
Sam Oglesby Nov 09, 2012
I like it it's looks different to the outgoing f12
Description: Ferrari has also arranged a special Ferrari-American Red Cross contribution page so Ferrari tifosi can contribute directly to the Red Cross. Other automakers that have contributed to the hurricane rel...
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Jesse Andersen Nov 10, 2012
I'd hope they would. Ford just reeled in some cash flow this quarter.
Aaron Crisp Nov 10, 2012
The big 3 did donate to the relief fund, I was just curious why they didn't mention it.
Anders Schrøder Nov 10, 2012
What about donating to countries who needs it? Oh yeah, right... That isn't where the primary market is. Forgot about that. It's sickening. They are only doing it for their own benefit. Nothing else.
Matt Piccolo Nov 09, 2012
Or Toyota, or BMW, or Mercedes? Mhm
Shelby Cassandra Nov 09, 2012
American automakers donate to causes all the time. Ex. Breast cancer research. It just doesn't make the news like Ferrari does.
John Garcia Nov 09, 2012
Hahaha American companies would do anything that would involve them losing money.
Aaron Crisp Nov 09, 2012
Where's the American automakers???
Serge Pankratov Nov 09, 2012
Great job to all these car companies! That is good karma right there :)
Dillon Magee Nov 09, 2012
Alex Medvedev Nov 09, 2012
Anthony Sanderson Nov 11, 2012
I'd hate to wash this car
William Downs Nov 10, 2012
Ohh didn't even notice they went straight threw, thanks for pointing it out
Rithhin Jawahar Nov 10, 2012
It's used to push the bonnet down erich
Leigh Martin Nov 09, 2012
It is for aerodynamics, you can clearly see the ground through the hole. It takes air flow off the hood and down the side of the door following the sculpted door.
Serge Pankratov Nov 09, 2012
Maaan.. Im in love with this machine.. Last Ferrari i admired so much was the 360 Modena!
Matthew Mckernan Nov 09, 2012
They act as a spoiler would, they direct airflow and add downforce, but without having an actual spoiler.
William Downs Nov 09, 2012
I highly dought 2 big holes that lead into the body are there for aerodynamics, probably something to do with cooling something in the engine bay or maybe brakes
Emilio Luelmo' Nov 09, 2012
Aerodynamics Erich
Alex Medvedev Nov 09, 2012
Sick machine
Michael Davidson Nov 09, 2012
Those air ducts on the sides of the hood look sooooo cool.
Dominic Keilty Nov 11, 2012
Alfa tail lights?
Alex Medvedev Nov 09, 2012
Looove the back end
Kyle Kloewer Nov 10, 2012
Why a tak in the passengers seat?
William Downs Nov 10, 2012
Ferrari decided the Ohh shit bars weren't good enough so they gave it a Ohh shit pedal
Gadi Walla Nov 10, 2012
That's the holy sh!t pedal.
Austin Bride Nov 09, 2012
Looks like the passenger has a giant pedal
Alex Medvedev Nov 09, 2012
I would mob that