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Published: Nov 09, 2012
Description: A surprising amount of Americans own cannons. An even more surprising amount of Americans decide to turn said canons on old cars. This awesome form of old world artillery practice is depicted in the c...
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Description: Fair warning: It takes almost two minutes before a car is blown up by a cannon in this clip. That being said, the wait is well worth it, as the cannon does to the car exactly what you would expect a c...
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Byakka Hirakawa Nov 11, 2012
Two questions Why do explosives use "fire in the hole" Theres really no hole, nor fire And too, why do women scream over everything?
Seth Pettman Nov 10, 2012
Either way that's awesome!
Charlie Austin Nov 09, 2012
Cannon didnt even hit the car when it blew up -__- also explosion started well in front of the car.. And yes, I'm Sherlock Holmes.
Description: If you love guns, then you will absolutely love this short video. The unlucky auto in this video is shot with a machine gun and numerous assault rifles before being shredded with a Civil War-era canno...
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Jorge Gonzalez Nov 10, 2012
Ah yes the old right to arm bears. Good amendment.
Ferrari Italia Nov 09, 2012
2nd amendment! Yeah baby!
Description: This video is short and straight to the point. It also features what is perhaps the most satisfying encounter between a car and a cannon ball ever.
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Jose Miguel Fernandez Nov 09, 2012
Wow they actually miss
Description: Surprisingly, the whole cannon ball hitting car thing isn't the most awesome part of this clip. No, that honor belongs to the actual firing of the cannon itself. That poor Monte Carlo never stood...
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Description: RatedRR proves once and for all that a Saturn isn't able to stand up to a shot from a cannon ball. The YouTube star, in a promotional stunt for "Assassin's Creed III," shoots a can...
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Johnny Vu Nov 24, 2012
Now try putting Nokias around the car and see wat happens
Seth Pettman Nov 10, 2012
Ok it's official I NEED A CANNON!
Nick Sti Nov 09, 2012
Is this an Alfa? :(