Comments - There's Only Room for One Lotus

Published: Nov 08, 2012
Description: Here's a little game of trivia for all your car fans out there: Think of a British automaker. It carries the legacy of Colin Chapman, who designed the original Lotus Seven and turned the notion o...
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John Hyland Nov 08, 2012
What company could it possibly be? Lol
Kian Francis Nov 11, 2012
Very very nice
Kyle McCullough Nov 08, 2012
Favorite lotus ever by far
Kian Francis Nov 11, 2012
Kill it kill it kill it with fire!!!
Hamish Johnson Nov 10, 2012
Why is it whenever people see a person with a white helmet in a car they automaticly think it's the stig?
Guo-Sheng Huang Nov 09, 2012
Is it Stig?
Daniel Eads Nov 08, 2012
There is an option to put lights on it.
Andrew Spad Nov 08, 2012
The lights where removed
Pratik Parija Nov 08, 2012
It's just Catterham now no more Lotus built.
Sebastian Grey Nov 08, 2012
It is made by Caterham. Lotus doesn't make the seven anymore.
Stephen Cobbs Nov 08, 2012
Other way around
Andrew Wesley Fisher Nov 08, 2012
I really didn't know this was made by Lotus I thought it was Caterham.......unless I'm unaware that Lotus owns Caterham
尤品敦 Nov 08, 2012
Where's the lights?
Description: It also has grand ambitions to expand far beyond its existing range of sportscars. If you thought of Lotus, you're right. But if you thought of Caterham... you're also right. That's bec...
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Description: After Tony Fernandes came on to the scene with a license to run the Lotus name in Formula One, subsequently rebranding it as Caterham following a legal dispute with Lotus Cars and its parent company, ...
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Dylan Bruder Nov 08, 2012
The only car that can make an Elise look big
Kian Francis Nov 11, 2012
The rear end of that Caterham reminds me of a Jeep Wrangler rear end
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 08, 2012
Yea i saw a white one. What a classically beautiful car
Dylan Bruder Nov 08, 2012
Saw a blue one the other day they are very sleek in person
Justin Mancuso Nov 08, 2012
That evora...
Description: While attending the announcement, Fernandes revealed aspirations (if not firm plans) to produce not only new sportscars but also a potential city car and SUV, among others. If that sort of ambition so...
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Description: Lotus, on the one hand, has struggled for decades under shifting ownership to secure the funding it needs to further product development, dictating at the same time subservience to corporate oversight...
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Chris Penza Nov 08, 2012
Vw should buy lotus. They need someone to help
Mark Terrio-Cameron Nov 09, 2012
He dreamt alright.. But I think he blew 5 years of lotus' entire budget on concept designs in his first 6 months.. Lots is bloody lucky they didn't go bankrupt from that alone.. And.. It's caused our beloved esprit to be put on the back burner again.
Kian Francis Nov 11, 2012
Who buys Caterham these days that's the point get a lotus
Description: That in and of itself puts Caterham in a better situation than Lotus, but while that which Lotus lacks Caterham has, the inverse is also true. Joint ventures will only take Caterham so far. What it re...
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Emil Creed Kleijsen Nov 09, 2012
Lol beautiful!
Emil Creed Kleijsen Nov 09, 2012
So brautiful
Matt Piccolo Nov 08, 2012
I would love to drive one of these things around for a day
Dillon Dixon Nov 08, 2012
I would drive the crap out of this thing!
Carlton Salmon Nov 08, 2012
Paul Dickey Nov 08, 2012
Looks great in this color.