Comments - The Other Porsches: 928

Published: Nov 08, 2012
Description: The Porsche 928 was the answer to question which nobody had asked. Not actually a bad car, but an example of how little Porsche knew about their market at the time. The company's first V8 product...
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Guo-Sheng Huang Nov 09, 2012
Always loved this car since I was little. The look is just like BMW Z3 M coupe, which is also my dream car, that not everyone can appreciate.
António Villas-Boas Nov 09, 2012
This was a great car that was clearly underestimated.
Stephen Tyler Learn Nov 09, 2012
Uhh I'm poor so what's wrong with a poor mans Porsche. Not everyone can afford a pagani or whatever is in your picture
Titus Brutus Nov 08, 2012
the 944 is a poor man's porsche, it has tacky design has has no power. even the944 turbo which i owned was significantly weaker that a standard 928 s.
Titus Brutus Nov 08, 2012
Obviously none of you have drivena 928 much less a 928 turbo. This car would put any american made v8 in the 80'sto shame. its ride was incredible, and had such goof balance ratio and handling, i owned four for the fact. the exhaust note was stellar
JB Kolod Nov 08, 2012
The pop up headlights on this car are awesome
Stephen Ishard Nov 08, 2012
A Porsche that looks different than every other Porsche it's a miracle
Stephen Tyler Learn Nov 08, 2012
I love small block Chevy v8s but they definitely don't belong in a Porsche
Stephen Tyler Learn Nov 08, 2012
@tyler because I love naturally aspirated v8s. @eric I understand keeping a Porsche engine in a porsche so that why I was curious about this engine
Tyler Tarbox Nov 08, 2012
@stephan. Why not just modify the engine already in the 944? Probably a lot cheaper
Stephen Tyler Learn Nov 08, 2012
I don't know a whole lot about Porsches so is it possible to swap the v8 out of this car into the better looking 944 or is it just a waste of time and money?
Tyler Tarbox Nov 08, 2012
Prefer the 944 to this
Theo Hubbard Nov 08, 2012
Always hated this car
David Parenti Nov 08, 2012
Tom Cruise? Risky business...
Boyd Boudreaux Nov 08, 2012
Always had a dislike for this car never was really attractive it just had Porsche wrote on it
Description: Toward the end of the Sixties, 911 sales began slowing down at bit, and some at Porsche believed that there would soon be no way of improving the design in order to boost sales. So in 1971, an effort ...
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Description: The original engine proposed for the new car was a 5.0-liter V10, which would graft two VW/Audi five-cylinder engines together in a V. The plan was ultimately rejected, as Porsche was already view...
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Paul Trahan Nov 08, 2012
Or your air filter won't fit into the box properly.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 08, 2012
Hahaha. I didn't notice that at first
Quinn Conner Nov 08, 2012
Don't you hate it when your windshield washer fluid cap won't stay closed!!
Description: This isn't a huge number, but at the time it was actually pretty decent volumetric efficiency. The 928 was very technologically advanced for the time, and was the first car ever to have four-whee...
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Description: So although it was heavier than a 911, it was much easier to drive at the limit. Europe got an S version in 1979, which would make its way to North America in 1982 for the 1983 model year. This had a ...
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Dillon Magee Nov 08, 2012
True, but this looks pretty good in it too
Tyler Tarbox Nov 08, 2012
Nobody rocks this paint scheme better than the GT40
Dylan Bruder Nov 08, 2012
I like this porsche
Guo-Sheng Huang Nov 09, 2012
Jordan Jackson Nov 08, 2012
Bubble butt!
Alex Renaud Nov 08, 2012
I like this.
Jared Michael Scalla Nov 08, 2012
Ugliest Porsche ever
Description: From the introduction of the 928 and through much of the Eighties, it looked as though the 928 could conceivably replace the 911. It was faster than most 911 variants produced during its lifetime, and...
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Description: In 1987, Porsche built a one-off design study of a four-door 928, known as the H50. Nobody paid much attention to it at the time, but when the Panamera was unveiled in 2009, a definite similarity was ...
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Larry Atwood Nov 09, 2012
I'm one of the weirdos that has grown to like how the panamera looks, but the new panamera wagon looks like the panamera should have from the beginning
Jordan Jackson Nov 08, 2012
Not a fan of the old rotary dial telephone wheels, lol
Jae Ekman Nov 09, 2012
you have to remember the cars that were available in North America and Europe while it was being developed during the 70's. It was positively a sleek rocketship when it came out compared to everything else in 1978. It was the first production car to have bumpers concealed into the bodywork and set a land speed record in 1986 with a stock S4
Titus Brutus Nov 08, 2012
i like it
Aislin Cooper Nov 08, 2012
That is cool
Tyler Tarbox Nov 08, 2012
Those lights look awful
Quinn Conner Nov 08, 2012
I never knew that. Guess I've never seen this car at night. Lol
Ricardo TheMonster Taveras Nov 08, 2012
Yeah instead of those flip up lights these pop out when you turn them on
Aislin Cooper Nov 08, 2012
Whoa the lights pop up?
Description: Porsche would sell about 61,000 units of the 928 over its lifetime, which isn't bad considering it was more expensive than a 911. But the legislative and development problems which Porsche had an...
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Tyler Tarbox Nov 08, 2012
I'll take the house, not the car lol
supra_mkiv Nov 08, 2012
This one is nice
Lou Guerrero Nov 08, 2012
These cars have more presence irl they look good
Ben Brown Nov 08, 2012
Always liked these 911 is best but this is a solid gt car