Comments - Tesla Planning More Model S Variants

Published: Nov 08, 2012
Description: It should come as no surprise that Tesla would want to capitalize on the positive reviews its new Model S electric sedan has received. Just as it's about to hit dealer showrooms, however, Tesla C...
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Chris Gaines Nov 10, 2012
The business model makes sense. tesla can establish itself as something of high quality that the wealthy love and the middle class dreams of. as prices decrease, they will slowly take market shares from cheaper car companies. competition ensues.
David Justice Nov 08, 2012
On price, you got to start somewhere. When DVDs and flat screens first came out they were only for the rich. Now anyone can buy them. Now that there is a REAL demand, i bet the technology will get cheaper as it progresses.
Trent Griffin Nov 08, 2012
Yeah and with much less weight you wouldn't need as much power or energy to have class leading performance or capacity...a work car...a track car ...a conservative car....all in one....revolution.
Dave Larby Nov 08, 2012
That's a good point... Most of Tesla's range consists of cars for the relatively well off. It seams that you need to be rich to be able to save money!!
Trent Griffin Nov 08, 2012
Big question is when does the people's electric car arrive ... A hot hatch with Model S range/performance at a price the middle class can afford!?
Adam Thomson Nov 18, 2012
Looks very good indeed
Description: He provided no further details, but the guys over at Autoblog Green are guessing some of those variants may include an all-wheel drive version of the sedan and a convertible. Maybe even a wagon? More ...
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Chris Gaines Nov 10, 2012
hmm, the real car looks better for once!
Jon Wheel Nov 09, 2012
Terrance Parker Nov 08, 2012
What's this a prototype of the model s?
Thibault Leroy Nov 09, 2012
Agreed and better looking and more fun to drive
Daniel Eads Nov 08, 2012
Not sure why anyone would want to buy this when an Elise is less then half the cost.
Terrance Parker Nov 08, 2012
Agreed not bad looking at all for an EV
Trent Griffin Nov 08, 2012
Great looking
Darian Vorlick Nov 09, 2012
Would be interesting acts of gymnastics if this were in my garage in Japan. Even my garage in California would be hard pressed to fit this due to its low slung ceiling.
Trent Griffin Nov 08, 2012
Smart design...