Comments - Mugen Mods Honda N-One

Published: Nov 08, 2012
Description: With two states of engines tune, two drivetrain options and a whole mess of trim levels, Honda is offering its domestic customers no short of choices when it comes to the new N-One. But where Honda re...
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Jose Miguel Fernandez Nov 09, 2012
Oh god cover your eyes
Timothy Hooker Nov 09, 2012
this would be a nice city dd
William Bowes Nov 08, 2012
I believe it is safe to say the American ideological car is considerably more slimming aerodynamically contrasting geometric and curvy while this is more prominently a cultural difference in collective preference with the predominent geometric figure
Namer Merli Nov 08, 2012
It remember me the Abarth 500, but uglier...
Bala Uncc Nov 08, 2012
Kill it
Ben Bourdon Nov 08, 2012
@Brandon You're dumb for assuming he just meant the stripe.
David Parenti Nov 08, 2012
Looks like someone put the Nissan Cube and Fiat 500 in a blender.
Ben Norton Nov 08, 2012
Without a doubt!
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Nov 08, 2012
The square brother of the abath 500
Description: Modifications at the moment amount exclusively to aesthetic changes. The 600cc three-cylinder engine (available in naturally-aspirated or turbo guises) remains unchanged, but a series of suspension up...
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Gustavo Kelso Sep 08, 2013
So much fiat 500 design, grotesquely squared off.
Sam Oglesby Nov 08, 2012
Looks ok from this angle
Christian De Prisco Nov 08, 2012
The real all new mini lol
Jason W. Evers Nov 08, 2012
Lol there is a little hand petting the front tire..
Brandon Bairian Nov 08, 2012
Are those salt shakers under the fog lights?
Sam Oglesby Nov 08, 2012
Oh and it's ruined
Mohammad AL-sulimani Nov 09, 2012
Hmmm there is a cassette in this car I prefer to take it because my cassette is broken :/
Nick Schnee Nov 08, 2012
I guess they're supposed to be operated by the passenger, while the driver has the same keys on paddles behind the wheel.
Dale Schroeder Nov 08, 2012
Those buttons on the far side of the shifter look like they'd be a bit awkward to get at, but pretty clean layout otherwise.
Kyle Rawn Nov 08, 2012
Simple, but yet so awesome.