Comments - Mini to Launch 5-Door Cooper Hatch

Published: Nov 08, 2012
Description: The Mini brand has no lack of derivatives, but before all is said and done, it will roll out at least one more. These images confirm that for the first time in more than fifty years, Mini will offer i...
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Brandon Bairian Nov 08, 2012
Mini is trying to fill the gap that was left when Hummer folded...
Description: The roof height also appears to have been raised. Under the hood, the new generation of Minis will start (in Europe at least) with BMW's new three-cylinder engine. In the US, however, the base Co...
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Daniel Alexander Soutar Nov 09, 2012
Way too big. The Rocketman concept was genius, where the new Mini should have strove to reach. Instead, it's grown larger. Mini? Massive, rather, especially with the hideously ugly Countryman and Coupe (the latter the most pathetic of its genre ever)
Kian Francis Nov 11, 2012
Design is ultra cool
William Ramirez Nov 09, 2012
The rear reminds me of a range rover, strange...
John Atnip Nov 08, 2012
A Mini is a Mini. If you want a Clubman, Countryman, or whatever off shoot random variation of the original Mini, find something else to drive.
Andrew Palmer Nov 08, 2012
So, is this the new clubman? Or more pointless product overlap?
Javier Alonso Rivas Nov 08, 2012
the attractive thing about minis was that, that they were minis, but now that's just weird
Michael Gallagher Nov 08, 2012
Couldn't agree more JB. The hood is dinky while the back explodes. Not feeling it
JB Kolod Nov 08, 2012
Proportions look all wrong to me, it's too long
Stas Allen Nov 08, 2012
BMW even puts those circular Ferrari like tail lights on the Mini. You learn something new everyday.
Kelvin Foo Nov 11, 2012
Isnt this the countryman without the ground clearance?