Comments - Lexus Introduces CT 200h Advance

Published: Nov 08, 2012
Description: Lexus has introduced the "high-specification, high value" Advance model to its CT 200h range, slotting in just above the SE grade model. The new CT 200h Advance packs a range of prestige equ...
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Arnold Pinklesweet Nov 28, 2012
isnt tahara the Japanese city where one of the lexus production plants is? Isnt that a more likely reason for the name?
Ryan Villamor Nov 14, 2012
Price range please....
Morgan Marcella Nov 08, 2012
"High Value" huh? Well how much exactly?
Frankie Ferreira Nov 12, 2012
I know William, it just literally looks like a mazda 3, especially if you look at the body in sections.
William Downs Nov 09, 2012
Frankie your wrong, this has nothing to do with a Mazda in the least bit, its a hybrid Lexus model built on the Toyota matrizx chassis
Frankie Ferreira Nov 09, 2012
40k$ electric mazda 3 without a dumb smile, but 130hp. Sweet.. -_-
Ray Liu Nov 08, 2012
I've always loved this small car
Description: Called "Tahara" (which as best we can tell comes from the Hebrew word for "pure"), it represents an environmentally-friendly, lighter alternative to leather and comes in tan or bla...
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Aiden Bass Nov 10, 2012
@Noah Nice one hahaha
Noah Joseph Nov 09, 2012
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Mo. I don't doubt there's a similar word in Arabic, but Tahara is a word taken from the Bible, a book accepted by faiths across the Middle East and around the world. The classical Hebrew in which it was written pre-dates the emergence of the Arabic by over a millennium. We check our facts, and suggest you do the same before fanning the flames of hatred.
Tara Fitria Nov 08, 2012
Is it possible that it is also a Hebrew word?
Mo Akbik Nov 08, 2012
tahara does not came from hebrew it comes from arabic language and carbuzz you better get your information right next time...dont let the arabs hate your magazine