Comments - Ferrari California on Modulare Wheels

Published: Nov 08, 2012
Description: Since 2004, Modulare Forged has created over 30 custom design multi-piece and monoblock forged alloys, all of which start life as aerospace-grade forged aluminum. Showcased here on a 2012 Ferrari Cali...
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Jim Bagley Nov 08, 2012
So you put on a new set of shoes and you appear in a magazine..... Pretty weak.
David Guerrero Nov 09, 2012
I see like 2-3 every month where I live. They're pretty common.
Miguel Jimenez Nov 08, 2012
I've lived in California my whole life...and not once have I see a California.
Michael Dunn Nov 08, 2012
Looks great!
Shannon Sims Nov 08, 2012
1st time I've wanted one. This one please!!
Dillon Magee Nov 08, 2012
Those wheels fit the car perfectly.
John Serely Nov 08, 2012
This looks great. I love the Cali
Cory Allen Nov 08, 2012
Looks really good!
Tyler Tarbox Nov 08, 2012
Dang this looks awesome.
Ron Vinson Nov 09, 2012
Best California I've ever seen.
António Villas-Boas Nov 09, 2012
@Brandon Not 15 inch... But what's wrong with 19 or 20? Proportion... This is not a huge SUV. Hey, why not 25 inch and just a rubber band glued on top? And why not install some leds on the wheels as well? I will stay with the beautiful original rims
António Villas-Boas Nov 08, 2012
What's the point of rims so big you can't even see the tires anymore? Makes the car ride like a block of steel... Never really understood this mania that ridiculously big rims are better.
Carlton Salmon Nov 08, 2012
Not a fan of the California at all but the wheels really make it pop. Black suits the car as well.
John Serely Nov 08, 2012
I wish the entire wheels were black.
David Gray Nov 08, 2012
Also never been a big fan of the California, but this 1 looks fantastic.
Stephen Cobbs Nov 08, 2012
Doesnt have to sound right, if it looks right im cool with it. This right here is nice.
Jared Oteri Nov 08, 2012
They look killer but i have a feeling they look huge in person, 21's and 22's on a Ferrari? That just doesn't sound right
Stephen Reed Warren II Nov 08, 2012
Never been a big California guy but this looks damn good
Mohammed Shamma Nov 09, 2012
I love the rear of the cali