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Published: Nov 07, 2012
Description: Toyota Racing Development (TRD), the Japanese automaker's in-house performance division, will (according to Car and Driver) soon unveil a supercharger kit for the Scion FR-S. So far, TRD has only...
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Lee Cascio Nov 14, 2012
You have so many more options with a turbo platform as far as aftermarket is concerned. And for drifting like this car is made for you wouldn't choose anything but a turbo.
Gary Frayer Nov 11, 2012
BrZ is nice but the frs is faster by a little bit I would go with the frs supercharged
Puneet Dass Nov 09, 2012
Nice. It'll be like the old school trueno/Levin variants that came with the superchargers
Jeffrey Frank Nov 07, 2012
Small turbos will spool quickly and provide ample torque early in the power band. It's all about what you're looking for.
Justin Routh Nov 07, 2012
Its a two liter 4cyl it will still have good mpgs.. But if you're building something fast you shouldnt really be concerned with mpgs
Ryan Heetderks Nov 07, 2012
David Hicks Nov 07, 2012
Nek minnut Black Series is out of sight.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 07, 2012
This car is actually pretty quick of the line. It beat the black series of the line in motor trends drag race.
Shelby Cassandra Nov 07, 2012
Good! Nothing like a supercharger. Turbos are impressive but what this car needs is low end torque. It will be perfect for a car that is so slow off the start like this one. And as for MPG, it really shouldn't make that big of a difference.
Patrick Schalk Nov 07, 2012
It's not gonna make that much of a difference for mpgs.
Quinn Conner Nov 07, 2012
Except for the fact of ruining mpg numbers with the charger. So your daily driver is now more expensive to daily drive
Dylan Bruder Nov 07, 2012
Supercharger > turbo in terms of daily driver it will give this car the low end torque its missing and make it an better car to drive all the time
Alex Medvedev Nov 07, 2012
And no bro Sti not > frs SC because Sti won't install turbo on it
Nigel Napoles Nov 07, 2012
I think TRD fell behind there since SEMA had a Vortek brand supercharger already for the FRS and BRZ.
Brian Johnston Nov 07, 2012
Turbo makes more sense.
Jahaziel Ortiz Nov 07, 2012
Matt Piccolo Nov 07, 2012
This is awesome
Adam Gray Nov 07, 2012
Can't wait for a turbo BRZ vs supercharged FRS showdown.
Aaron Crisp Nov 07, 2012
Turbo for Subaru and SC for Toyota? I like it! Distinguishes the two.
Description: There's no word at this point on how much the TRD supercharger would elevate output in the FR-S from the standard 200 horsepower, but Subaru Technica International (STI) is reportedly targeting 2...
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Nick Mangini Nov 08, 2012
Didnt realize i was on facebook with all of this drama.
Stephen Tyler Learn Nov 08, 2012
Michael youre being arrogant for insulting someone because you were unable to comprehend a simple compliment.
Stephen Tyler Learn Nov 08, 2012
Everything west of the Appalachians and east of the rockies is basically flat boring unending straight roads. If she lives any where like that then this car would be boring as hell and it makes sense for her not to like it
Matt Piccolo Nov 08, 2012
@ Shelby, it must depend on where u live cuz there are a lot if places around me I can whip a car around on some back roads
Patrick Schalk Nov 07, 2012
Patrick Schalk Nov 07, 2012
Michael, overtly country is arrogant.
Shelby Cassandra Nov 07, 2012
@Michael. I am trying to find my arrogant comment. You said you couldn't comprehend what I was saying so I said it in blatant terms that a 1st grader could easily understand. Please, guide me so that I may better understand.
Shelby Cassandra Nov 07, 2012
Yes Matt. I realize that it was not intended for a drag race. But think about how often you can floor it compared to take a curve at a higher speed than any other car. You'd have to not be following the speed limit to have any fun on a back road.
Michael Montefusco Nov 07, 2012
Thank you Matt -- at least Simone understands the point of this car.
Michael Montefusco Nov 07, 2012
God Americans are so arrogant-- and they have no space to be... Anyway. I am confused as to why you would use a gt86/brz/frs for a 1/4 miles car. And it's 0to 60 is not immensely slow given its power.
Matt Piccolo Nov 07, 2012
Actually it's a 14 sec car but this was built for whipping around corners and Having fun with on the back roads
Shelby Cassandra Nov 07, 2012
This car has immensely slow acceleration in part because of its lack of low end torque. A supercharger would help greatly with the power curve as well as its overall power in order to make it a semi-useable 1/4 car. ¿Comprende?
Michael Montefusco Nov 07, 2012
I can read -- it's my comprehension that is not up to par. Perhaps you would like to explain?
Shelby Cassandra Nov 07, 2012
No shit it isn't a 1/4 mile car. Can you read?
Michael Montefusco Nov 07, 2012
This is not a 1/4 car...
Shelby Cassandra Nov 07, 2012
Not intended? This runs like a 15 second 1/4 mile. Obviously it isn't intended.
Michael Montefusco Nov 07, 2012
Then you're using it in areas that were not intended.
Shelby Cassandra Nov 07, 2012
Looks alright, but it's just so slow in the areas I would use it. A blower would help immensely.
Sean Bray Nov 07, 2012
It's the angle the picture was taken.....smh
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 07, 2012
Maybe comes with EMTs like vettes do.
Aaron Crisp Nov 07, 2012
@Colby It must be at the drag strip haha. (Sarcasm)
Colby Church Nov 07, 2012
No air in the tires?