Comments - Mazda Considering Premium Hatch?

Published: Nov 07, 2012
Description: The emergence of the premiium hatchback segment must be an enticing prospect for any automaker. Take something that would otherwise be cheap, redesign it to look more upscale and give it some luxury a...
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Description: According to The Motor Report, that's precisely what the Zoom-Zoom automaker is considering. The new model wouldn't replace the Mazda2 as much as it would complement it in the lineup. Just h...
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Brian Stuck Nov 08, 2012
Typo? Parnering or partnering?
Morgan Marcella Nov 07, 2012
The design is cool as heck and you could choose any color you want when you buy one which is amazing.
Joseph Flieder Nov 07, 2012
I really like this.
Stephen Wood Jan 03, 2013
Wish they'd bring the s1 to the states
Brendan Bell Nov 07, 2012
I really wish this would come to the states
Drake Nailon Nov 07, 2012
No it's actually kind of sexy in person. Very curvy, yet refined for a hatchback.
Brian Johnston Nov 07, 2012
Wow is that ugly