Comments - Maserati Highlights New Quattroporte

Published: Nov 07, 2012
Description: Yesterday Maserati revealed the all-new sixth-generation Quattroporte, the first in a series of new models slated to come out of Modena that will seek to revitalize the Trident marque from an obscure ...
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Tanton Stoneman Nov 07, 2012
Most cars lose almost half their value over 4 years.
Brian Johnston Nov 07, 2012
Maybe they could do something about the extreme drop in value when the things near the end of their warrantys. It's amazing that you can get one 4yrs old for half the price. Maybe make maintenance costs less? Cheaper parts?
Description: The first video (below) serves as an introduction to the new model and its significance to the company. The clip features some face-time with CEO Harald J. Wester, who also serves as chief executive o...
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Description: The second video delves under the Quattroporte's hood for a chat in Italian (subtitled in English) with Fiat Powertrain Technology director Paolo Martinelli, former head of Scuderia Ferrari'...
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Christian De Prisco Nov 07, 2012
Not a huge fan, i like the old one better
Description: Product development chief Roberto Corradi (also formerly of Ferrari)speaks in his native tongue about the Quattroporte's chassis, revealing that it was designed to accommodate a "wide range ...
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Description: The last clip features Fiat design director Lorenzo Ramaciotti who speaks in Italian about his team's contribution to the completed Quattroporte, focusing on an attractive shape, dynamic lines an...
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Garrett Hullender Nov 11, 2012
Their simply trying to make it look like a granturismo
Zaire Wilkins Nov 08, 2012
of course
Zaire Wilkins Nov 07, 2012
@brandon ..... a fat one
Tyler Tarbox Nov 07, 2012
The GranTurismo wheels are great. And so are the wheels from the current Sport GTS
Zaire Wilkins Nov 07, 2012
maserati never has good looking rims on there cars