Comments - BMW 5 Series GT Facelift Spied

Published: Nov 07, 2012
Description: BMW is in the midst of refreshing its 5 Series models, and after spying a facelifted 5 Series Touring wagon and updated four-door sedan, the time has come for the 5er GT to make its rounds as well. Mi...
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António Villas-Boas Nov 08, 2012
Why improve on something like this? It's like putting make up on Danny DeVito hoping he will do a part meant for Brad Pitt...
Alex Renaud Nov 08, 2012
For what's its worth, it does not sell well in Canada. I don't understand the market for this thing, considering the 5-series Touring, X5, and X6 exist.
Daniel Alexander Soutar Nov 08, 2012
Guys, I don't think it's the price. I think it's just because it's absolutely hideous and is one of the most stupid cars ever put to production. It's just awful. How someone could could look at it on their drive and not feel humiliated is beyond me.
Zachary Maurer Nov 07, 2012
It seems they haven't sold anywhere, but its a good niche market, but its too pricy for its market, people just go for the more practical x5
Jason Brown Nov 07, 2012
Poor sales in Asia also. Too expensive, people rather get the X5 instead here.
Tin Nguyen Nov 07, 2012
Poor seller in the States too.
Carlton Salmon Nov 07, 2012
Not sure why BMW bothered. It has been a very poor seller in the UK. Maybe they're popular in mainland Europe...
Sam Biggin Nov 08, 2012
Would rather have a standard 5 series
John Serely Nov 07, 2012
@chase it actually is not a shitty car haha, just some people don't like the looks of the car
Shaniqua Latisha Nov 07, 2012
It really isnt that bad
Chase Huddles Nov 07, 2012
It looks like a smaller, uglier, x6. The Germans really are on the cutting edge of shitty sub-models.
Colby Church Nov 07, 2012
One of the FedEx drivers I know has a car that looks literally exactly like this in black. Literally just like it. BMW facelifts must really suck. I hate their new designs, the cars have just gotten ugly lately. Besides like 2 models. Wow.
Ryan Spencer Nov 07, 2012
I always thought the current GT was hideous, and hope that BMW gives this thing a better look... Though these spy photos don't give me much hope
Chris Gaines Nov 07, 2012
I was about to say the same thing..
Aislin Cooper Nov 07, 2012
Looks like a Prius from this angle
Andy Clouthier Nov 07, 2012
First time I saw this on the road from behind I nearly vomited.
Dillon Magee Nov 08, 2012
I'm not sure who they think will buy this.
Nick Sti Nov 07, 2012
Rodrigo Allen Nov 07, 2012
Angel, it does have different looking exhaust in the US version, but I'm not sure about the European model.
Angel Gentchev Nov 07, 2012
Tailpipes look awkward with such a large, bulky back. Needs the 550i style dual exhaust.