Comments - 16 New Land Rovers by 2020

Published: Nov 07, 2012
Description: Land Rover's design director Gerry McGovern has revealed an ambitious plan to expand the company's three model families over the next seven years in order to take full advantage of what is h...
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Brian Johnston Nov 07, 2012
How about another bush ranger. Those things are so badass.
Matty Michaels Nov 07, 2012
I can see it now, "Land Rover City Rover"
David Justice Nov 07, 2012
Please don't water down the brand!
Sam Biggin Nov 08, 2012
The ultimate in motoring
Jesse Andersen Nov 07, 2012
If they all look like this I'm fine with that. Evoque is kinda cool too.
Description: An Evoque XL, slotting in between the Evoque and new Range Rover Sport, a convertible Evoque, and a 4-meter-long baby three-door Range Rover will take the luxury sub-brand up to six models as part of ...
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Description: For the "utility" segment, early indications suggest that the DC100 concept is heading for production. Land Rover's plans for the Defender replacement include a two-door model, five- an...
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Michael Kozlowski Nov 07, 2012
Yeaa that's an awfully ambitious plan to get all these new vehicles out by 2020. Hope land rover doesn't screw up.
Paul Dickey Nov 07, 2012
That's a lot. This is either gonna be awesome or really disappointing
Dory Abboud Nov 10, 2012
Is that the grand evoque (evoque xl) and when is it going to be out commercially ?!
Sam Biggin Nov 08, 2012
Awesome car
Titus Brutus Nov 08, 2012
The rear is just aweful
MissLaura Anne Nov 07, 2012
Don't like the rear.
DjVegar No Imitations Nov 07, 2012
Will take time to grow on me
Brendan Bell Nov 07, 2012
I'm still not lovin it
Morgan Marcella Nov 07, 2012
Change the rims and I'm ok and also the color.
Adam Beiersdorfer Nov 08, 2012
One SUV? Please explain what a Jeep Wrangler was and is? I believe they pull off the look pretty well... Just in a different way than this...
Dillon Magee Nov 07, 2012
Yeah, if there were one SUV that might be able to pull off a convertible top, it would be the Evoque.
Henz Herrero Nov 07, 2012
Whats the point of this.. Im assuming top down, you lose all the cargo space.. So basically ur jst driving a raised convertible..
Tanton Stoneman Nov 07, 2012
Not as bad as that Nissan cross-cabrio thing.
Louis Ramon Cortez Nov 07, 2012
Sam Biggin Nov 08, 2012
This is a beast
Jamie Chase Nov 17, 2012
Still looks good!
Nick Mangini Nov 08, 2012
perfect vehicle for a zombie apocalypse!
Sam Biggin Nov 08, 2012
Just brilliant
Titus Brutus Nov 08, 2012
my all time fave
DjVegar No Imitations Nov 07, 2012
Ryan Spencer Nov 07, 2012
Hell yes
Jordan Smith Nov 07, 2012
This is a real Rover. Not a wimpy soccer mom mall finder.
Louis Ramon Cortez Nov 07, 2012
John Serely Nov 07, 2012
*i would love one of these
John Serely Nov 07, 2012
I love one of these
Sam Hansen Nov 08, 2012
This is what LR is REALLY about!!