Comments - Porsche Carrera GT is Autocar's Hero

Published: Nov 06, 2012
Description: Supercar manufacturers regularly produce mind-blowing performance machines, but every so often, even they go beyond their already-stratospheric norm with something out of this world. Ferrari's do...
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Poonam Rana Jan 23, 2013
Call me crazy but i found out porsche made a porsche carrera gt ultra edition non productic car in 2010 top speed 312 mph
Description: The 918's performance may eclipse the Carrera GT, but the older supercar will remain a favorite for its old-school drivetrain that utilized a six-speed manual and rear-drive where newer supercars...
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omarSV Nov 09, 2012
lol@ michael...i agree, she sounds like a parrot
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 07, 2012
This is my favorite car cause its naturally aspirated, manual, exclusive, and makes the best sound ive ever heard in real life come out of a car. Its the ultimate car enthusiasts driver's car
Michael Dunn Nov 06, 2012
Theres something about that lady that pisses me off -___-
supra_mkiv Nov 06, 2012
<3 the sound
Elias Harb Nov 06, 2012
Do you find her hot ? (Out of curiosity)
Phaidon Chrisostalis Nov 06, 2012
Hahahahahah go to 1:44 and hear the sound she made
omarSV Nov 09, 2012
i wish all porsches had this much soul...beast.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 07, 2012
My favorite colors for it are black and cobalt blue
Dillon Magee Nov 06, 2012
I think it looks best in red
John Serely Nov 06, 2012
Tyler Tarbox Nov 06, 2012
Such a sweet car
Dylan Berry Nov 08, 2012