Comments - Lambo to Present Aventador Roadster Next Week?

Published: Nov 06, 2012
Description: According to reports circulating the internet, Lamborghini will unveil the new Aventador Roadster in Miami next week just ahead of its official debut at the LA Auto Show later this month. We have fe...
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Parker Gunter Nov 08, 2012
Can't wait to add one of these to my collection
Walter Robinson Nov 08, 2012
What happened to the build it yourself roofs of lambos of yore?
Justin Barrett Ayers Nov 07, 2012
This is so exciting!!!
Daniel Eads Nov 06, 2012
Also without Lambo the LM002 wouldn't have the name Rambo Lambo.
Jordan Smith Nov 06, 2012
Holdup holdup holdup, Lamborghini wants to reveal it in Miami? That's awesome! The auto show here never has stuff reveled there. It's just a regular little show.
Matthew Mazzarelli Nov 06, 2012
Everyone says Lambo...
Shelby Cassandra Nov 06, 2012
Literally 95% of the population says Lambo.
John Hyland Nov 06, 2012
DO NOT disrespect Lamborghini by saying "lambo" lol
Vincent Larkins Nov 08, 2012
Would this even be legal in America because of the windshield?
Nguyễn Thanh Bình Nov 08, 2012
Verry good
Jason Brown Nov 08, 2012
Just wish they put a camera and screen instead of rear view mirror sticking out like that.
Jesse Andersen Nov 07, 2012
Don't usually like roadsters. This isn't a usual one, ha.
Maaz Khan Nov 07, 2012
How can u not like this? It's amazing, it will break necks when ever it comes around the corner
Justin Barrett Ayers Nov 07, 2012
Very Cool #Lamborghini
Daniel Alexander Soutar Nov 07, 2012
It looks superb. Each to his own and all, but it's a LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR J. Just how can you get better than that, can I ask?
Janak Solanki Nov 06, 2012
Lamborghini never fails to impress.
Dillon Magee Nov 06, 2012
This shot is spectacular
Stas Allen Nov 06, 2012
This, Vanquish, Berlinetta, or Huyra? Gotta say Vanquish. But only just because I'm a bigger Aston fan.
Rohil Chauhan Nov 06, 2012
This car looks like it came from 15 years into the future
Josh Andrews Nov 06, 2012
Actually i dont like the aventador either murcielago was the shit
Nick Schnee Nov 06, 2012
Uh... that's my second favourite car I saw this year (Vanquish is No. 1).
Carlton Salmon Nov 06, 2012
@ Buford. You're kidding, right?
Buford McGee Nov 06, 2012
The Aventador J is so ugly
Description: The roof system, then, would be closer to the single removable panel used in the Diablo VT Roadster than the canvas umbrella found on the Murcielago Roadster. Styling should follow along the lines of ...
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Shaun Thaler Nov 07, 2012
Is there actually a roadster coming out or do you not know about the avendator j.
Justin Barrett Ayers Nov 07, 2012
Philipp Kentner Nov 06, 2012
You would get so much wind in your face haha
Serge Pankratov Nov 06, 2012
I think this thing is perfect! Soo.... Lambo like =]
Janak Solanki Nov 06, 2012
That is so tight!
Nick Ricci Nov 06, 2012
I wasn't a huge fan of the single center Exhaust but this is overkill in the other direction.
omarSV Nov 09, 2012
Ryan Haverty Nov 07, 2012
These are all pics of the Aventador J which is a one off car. Only one exists in the world. The Aventador that will be unveiled in Miami hasn't been seen and it will have a proper windshield and I'm guessing it will look slightly diff than this
Bill Estep Jr Nov 07, 2012
Question: r these gonna be on the road, if so wouldn't u get hit with bugs flying
Kyle McCullough Nov 06, 2012
Um, what the hell are you trying to say?
Boyd Boudreaux Nov 06, 2012
Expensive rain bucket
Ryan Veitch Nov 06, 2012
@Mohammed it would be a bit useless to you when you're dead, leave it to me in your will!!
Tara Fitria Nov 06, 2012
No Sesto elemento?
Mohammed Shamma Nov 06, 2012
This is the only car in the world that worth dying for!!
Satvik Sindhu Dec 30, 2012
Love dat car!!!
Justin Barrett Ayers Nov 07, 2012
Wow that's awesome!!
Justin Barrett Ayers Nov 07, 2012
Nice I love it!
Janak Solanki Nov 06, 2012
Simply stunning
Dylan Gregori Page Nov 06, 2012
Best looking roadster in my openion