Comments - Holman & Moody Mustang Commemorates Tour de France

Published: Nov 06, 2012
Description: In September 1964, Great Britain's Alan Mann Racing Team took three Mustangs, specially prepped by American tuning specialist Holman & Moody, to the 4,000-mile long Tour de France rally. Ten ...
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Frederick Perez Nov 07, 2012
Looks better if the tires are thicker to omit the gap
Zach ComptonAss Gathercole Nov 06, 2012
Dont like mustangs that much but this is pretty awesome
Carlton Salmon Nov 06, 2012
Why release a car commemorating 50 years of racing success two years early?
David Parenti Nov 06, 2012
I love the style of the wheels, but don't digg them in gold. Loose the decal and change the wheels to silver.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 06, 2012
I'm a huge mustang fan but I don't like this. Something about it doesn't seem to work
David Parenti Nov 06, 2012
This was at SEMA
Description: To mark fifty years since that historic win, Holman & Moody has created a limited edition 50th Anniversary TdF Mustang, blending Ford Racing Performance Parts with its own custom components. Modif...
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Jared Palmer Nov 06, 2012
Huh, Holman and Moody did nothing more than allow Ford to use their name on this car and approve of the design. Lee makes it very clear they do not tune f.i. cars. At best they will cut a cam!
Description: The 5.0-liter V8, exhaust system, mufflers, air filter, radiator and oil cooler have all been upgraded with Ford Racing parts. A fully adjustable suspension allows for a range of motorsports from raci...
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Zach ComptonAss Gathercole Nov 06, 2012
Dont think i would drive a mustang in a rally, maybe in drag racing
Frederick Perez Nov 07, 2012
Needs fatter-thicker tires!
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Nov 07, 2012
That is very nice!
Tracy Keiser Dron Nov 06, 2012
Yep... Needs bit more lowered or slightly bigger wheels... Maybe fatter tires.... But definitely needs that gap gone
James McMahon Nov 06, 2012
To much wheel well showing in the back IMO