Comments - Caterham Has Big Lotus-Style Plans

Published: Nov 06, 2012
Description: For all intents and purposes, there are two Lotus automakers. One is Lotus itself, and the other is known as Caterham. The latter's business is centered primarily around building the old Seven th...
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Bryan Whitt Nov 06, 2012
Hmmm base business model on company that just went into bankruptcy interesting ...
Shelby Cassandra Nov 06, 2012
This would look beast with a blower sticking out of the hood!
Description: For starters, Caterham (as we reported just yesterday) has teamed up with Renault, the same automaker that supplies its F1 engines, to build a new sportscar under the revived Alpine name. That could a...
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Kyle Janchenko Nov 06, 2012
I agree. I don't know if they are going through hard financial times, but just agreeing to "whatever the market wants" is kind of a spineless move in my opinion. Leave that to politicians. Catarham Is fantastic as is...
Sam Oglesby Nov 06, 2012
Caterham should stick to what they know yes build the alpine for renault but don't build SUVs oh and stick with cosworth power there engines are brilliant and they need the income
JB Kolod Nov 06, 2012
This is pretty fantastic news. With their f1 experience I'm sure they will produce something new and great
Aislin Cooper Nov 06, 2012
Caterham SUVs? What?
Description: The Caterham boss pointed to Porsche as an example, but the plan sounds eerily similar to what ousted CEO Dany Bahar had planned for Lotus before its new owners put a stop to his ambitious array of se...
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Stas Allen Jan 11, 2013
I want that in my life. I mean imagine racing those? Whole lotta fun.
Kyle Silvera Nov 06, 2012
Would love to own one of these
Patrick Schalk Nov 06, 2012
I wanna do this
Daniel Alexander Soutar Nov 07, 2012
This, or an SUV... A bloody SUV? From Caterham? That's like asking for a prudish pornstar. Idiotic in the extreme, to say the least...
Emil Creed Kleijsen Nov 07, 2012
I'd actually want a seven instead of this
Daniel Eads Nov 06, 2012
You can get a street legal caterham in the US.
Chris Penza Nov 06, 2012
I wish these were street legal in the u.s. I would have a blast
Stas Allen Jan 11, 2013
Funny how my friend who isn't a gear head unlike me was like "That's ugly". I was thinking "How!?" I mean its beautiful but then you ask yourself, well why is it beautiful exactly? Then you just ignore yourself and ponder the exquisite design.
Christopher LikeaBoss Reber Nov 06, 2012
One of these days I'll own one. Only track day car I'd take over this is the BAC Mono