Comments - BMW Developing 1 Series GT

Published: Nov 06, 2012
Description: Previewed at the Paris Motor Show in the form of the Concept Active Tourer, the 1 Series GT has for the first time been spied in production guise. The first front-wheel drive model begins a new era of...
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Description: 1 Series GT models will likely come with 3-cylinder, 4-cylinder and hybrid powertrain options. The plug-in hybrid eDrive system on the concept model paired a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engi...
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Sam Biggin Nov 07, 2012
Most of the cars sold are slower than that. It's not amazingly quick but it is fast for a car that sized
Rachel Ribeiro Nov 06, 2012
Wow 8 seconds!bet It can beat a turtle (and a snail)
Stas Allen Nov 06, 2012
You do realize that it's under camo? It will look far more different once they reveal it.
Christopher LikeaBoss Reber Nov 06, 2012
Horrible. Looks like a bigger Mazda3. What happened to all the great Bimmers from the late 90s
Jason W. Evers Nov 07, 2012
How!? The rear looks like a 20 year old Caravan.
Ryan Veitch Nov 06, 2012
That rear is the only thing about this car that shouts BMW to me!
Tophr Yodasoda Nov 06, 2012
bring back the ti..... BMW create the 318ti as a 128/135ti now.
Ryan Veitch Nov 06, 2012
Although here the far rear looks like a Range Rover Sport