Posted on: Nov 06, 2012
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ActionCamper Turns Wrangler into RV

This may be the best way to combine off-roading with the creature comforts of an RV... for a price, that is.
The Jeep Wrangler stands as one of those truly iconic automobiles. And an increasing number of owners are looking for ways to make theirs stand out. Mopar offers an array of upgrades for the convertible off-roader, but so do a growing number of aftermarket firms.

One of those is Austria-based Thaler Design, which has just released photos and details of its ActionCamper RV conversion kit for the Wrangler Unlimited, ditching the four-door body for something a bit more commodious to make the versatile SUV even more so.

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After removing the rear doors, seat and roll cage, the company adds a fiberglass camper shell that features a removable pop-up extension. The whole kit adds a total of 440 pounds to the Wrangler Unlimited's weight once the aforementioned components have been removed. While the resulting camper-ute may look like it's about to tip over, the interior makes the awkward appearance worthwhile. Passengers are treated to amenities such as a refrigerator, stove, sink and even a toilet. Tack on a bunch of extra storage space, a four-gallon fresh water tank and a sewage tank and you're all set for a weekend retreat.
The price for the privilege? $53,500, which doesn't include the price of the donor Wrangler Unlimited. Which may leave the package out of reach for most customers, but then it certainly is cooler - and more versatile - than your typical RV.

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by Jay Traugott
ActionCamper Turns Wrangler into RV

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